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Last June 6, 2010, the Twilight Saga with its second sequel New Moon, wiped out the stage of MTV Movie Awards 2010. Unexpected? Of course! With so many fans, it is not unusual for this film received applause that much. MTV Movie Award is an award-based pooling, hence the technical term is fan-based/fandom. That is why the MTV Golden Popcorn will fall into the hands of the audience-favorite artists, who are mostly young people, if they diligently follow existing pooling on the MTV website. Not a few who later blasphemous Twilight victory, which for 2 years back diligently perform at the MTV Movie Awards. There’s nothing wrong with Twilight, anyway after a lot of people swearing why Pattinson was awarded the Global Superstar and the Best Male Performance, nonetheless there will be a long cinema queues for the third installation of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. And it’s not a surprise anymore, if for some years to come, Stewart-Pattinson duet will collect others golden popcorn (at least until the Twilight Saga was all launched out), following the success of The Lords of the Rings which for 3 years get triumph at the MTV Movie Awards (2002 -2004). Many people later said that the MTV Movie Awards are not relevant to be called a film awards, for his nomination long run ‘add weird’. Perhaps because of some ‘unexpected’ films which was nominated (National Treasure 2 and 50 First Date can be entered into nomination Best Movie? Wohooo!). But for me, judging trail MTV Movie Awards last few years, I still consider this event as the awards that I’ve been waiting for every year.

MTV Movie Awards first aired in 1992 (with Terminator 2: The Judgement Day as the Best Movie of his). Until 2006, this awards show was recorded when broadcasted. Until 2007, the producer of the coolest reality show of all time, Mark Burnett took over the MTV Movie Awards and making it a live broadcast. Each year, there is always a certain moment that we can brought home after watching this show, everyone remember how Eminem’s fall to Borat in 2009, or when duo Seann William Scott and Justin Timberlake to make us laugh uncontrollably with a parody of The Matrix Reloaded his in 2003. Afterall, hosting MTV Movie Awards is a prestigious job for the celebrities. Well, we know why Mike Myers was chosen to host two times (1997 and 2008), or how the funniest human beings throughout history-Jack Black paired with Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2002, but who thought that MTV would allow Lindsay Lohan (who is still sane time it) opened the event with dance and become the hottest solo host in 2004.

Highlights MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss award may be her who always looked forward. In its first year, 1992, Anna Clumshky (who were aged 11 years) received this award for her role in My Girl (still remember this movie dong? One of the Sweetest love story of all time). Winners of this award-winners in the years selanjutnyapun include Drew Barrymore-Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer, 1998), Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott (American Pie 2, 2002), Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman 2, 2003 ), and of course Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain, 2006). Quoting the tagline of a restaurant my favorite Burger, it is worth the wait.

Films MTV Movie Awards winners do tend to vary with other festivals, some critics have even called this event as a mixture Oscar and Razzie Awards. But, maybe the movies that brought ‘voice’ of today’s generation. I still remember when Jon Heder repeatedly climbed onto the stage at the MTV Movie Awards 2005 yesterday. Napoleon Dynamite indeed had become a trend, low budget indie film with this strange story and point preferred because the pattern of the film which very young children. A geek with a weird face and hair meet his new transferred friends old-looking, and finally struggled to get the school president. The movie is just damn freak, but we’re all freaks when we were young! Because of his courage to be freak, Napoleon Dynamite beat Ray and The Incredibles, becoming the Best Movie of the year. Ten years earlier, Quentin Tarantino won the same award with his Pulp Fiction. In his acceptance speech, Tarantino pulled out a joke and then placing the MTV Movie Awards with solid position in the world of film.

Tarantino: Pop quiz, hot shot! What do you do when you have been going to award show after award show all year long, and keep losing to Forrest Gump?

Crowd: What, Mr. Tarantino?

Tarantino: You go to the MTV Movie Awards!

That is why I am still waiting for the MTV Movie Awards every year, because in my opinion, precisely MTV objectively judge a movie by giving rights to the audience to actually become the jury. Unlike other prestigious Cannes or Sundance kind that provides an opportunity ‘only’ to the board of jury her to be objective about films that competed (but deliberately does not actually provide an opportunity to deliberate the jury to be subjective). Create my own hell, watch the MTV Movie Awards to be opposite the film festivals, because after winning film festival out, usually I will immediately pursue new films and fall in love with him. But at the MTV Movie Awards, you go to the movies, fall in love with the movie, and give awards to the movie you love the most. As fashion trends change every season and a disposable camera, MTV will still be preferred because of its ability to adapt to his young audience. So, we just wait for what other surprises will be made at the MTV Movie Awards next year, meanwhile let’s have a stack on the summer movie this year. Because who knows, these films are going to be a winner at the MTV Movie Awards next year. Happy watching! 🙂


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