Hostel by Eli Roth

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Two young Americans, Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) meet an Iceland, Oli (Eyþór Guðjónsson), in their vacation in Europe. Then they experienced a holiday that is difficult to forget. Pursuing marijuana and sex for free, they got it with ease. The story rolls when an informant named Alexei (Lubomir Bukovy), advised them to go to Bratislava in Slovakia periphery. Paradise for lovers of sex and gambling, which it says is the best women’s warehouse. Their meeting with the girl at a hostel called Russian Natalya (Barbara Nedeljakova) and Czechs Svetlana (Jana Kaderabkova), led them into a series of events that wring the guts. When Oli with a Japanese girl named Yuki, who they met along the way, didn’t return to their hostel rooms, Paxton and Josh began to realize there’s something wrong in the city. Without realizing it, they become one of the victims of “weird” activity that’s happened in the city.

Written and directed by Eli Roth himself, Hostel seated its place as one of the super horror thriller at that time. If you do not know who Eli Roth, he is the cast of Donny Donowitz or The Bear Jew who played in the direction of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. In Hostel, Tarantino also becomes the producer of this film. Hostel is a movie made with low budgets but reap success with doubled gross revenue. Fitted by spending about $ 4 million, Hostel managed to achieve gross revenues of about $ 80 million and $ 180 from sales of DVDs. Jean Francois of the French Cinematheque Raugier even crowned Hostel as Best Film of the Decade in Film Comment Magazine January 2010 edition. Hostel Part II, which was also directed by Roth came out in 2007, but the film leaked on the internet before the movie release, so the success of Hostel was not achieved by this sequel.

To the haters of movie that is containing with nudity, violence and blood, I suggest do not bother watching this film. Because those are the main course in the menu of Hostel.

In about 90 minute length, the audience was brought slowly to the real core of the film. I can say, 1/3 first part of the movie is full with nudity and sex scenes, the next 1/3 section takes us to the turning point of this film to witness the climax of what the movie really want to portray. The next 30 minutes is torture (literally and symbolically). 30 minutes of the final part of this movie is guaranteed to make you shout, close your eyes, feel the horror and absolute thriller. Blood and organs into fresh dishes that never stops served during these 30 minutes.

Sound effect in the movie thriller is an important element that absolutely exists throughout the movie. In Hostel, the sound effects affixing was extraordinary and able to make my heart beat faster with its presence throughout the film. Moreover in the final scenes when Paxton was in the old building, in the last 30 minutes.

The thriller aspect of the film is a maximum, probably almost below the level of Cannibal Holocaust (1980). Actually, I’m not fond of this movie genre, but after witnessing the failing quality SAW franchise (which has just issued a 3D SAW) offers, we just can’t seem to miss Hostel. Apart from that what I underlined above, I recommend you to watch this movie. Especially to watch with friends, because it is guaranteed fun and fishing shouts. One thing that makes Hostel established itself into one of the best thriller is because in addition to selling the thriller scene, Hostel sells the logicality alongside the story. That is what sometimes forgotten by the thriller movie filmmaker. (Prisanti Putri)


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