Sherlock (Bbc)

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Yes, let’s say this is just another adaptation of the British royal favorite novel, Sherlock Holmes. Honestly, I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and maybe I’ve been pretty bored for another adaptation of this series. Latest adaptation of this story comes to the hands of Guy Ritchie, action movie specialitst who knows how to transform the novel to become superhero-esque with Sherlock Holmes (2009). When I was offered this TV series, I re-imagine the streets of London in the 1800s at night with a thin figure of Sherlock Holmes, followed by Dr. Watson from behind. Unfortunately, all those thoughts perish.

Say welcome to London in 2010!

This is the post modern era, which all things take place via Internet and smart phone connection. The story then begins with the introduction of Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), a former army doctor who was undergoing therapy for post-traumatic Psychosomatic limp after the war in Afghanistan. The next story, you can guessed, he met Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), who named his profession as a Consulting Detective. The two of them involved to an adventure and solving cases that occurred around London.

What I like about this series is how Holmes deduction analysis capability represented by the letters that float and fast-cut editing pace. Really cool and instantly made me believe that this story actually happened in the modern world. The characters that exist along the story hasn’t changed, the characterization is fitted well and appropriate (I love how Sherlock who described drug users addicted to nicotine pack). Only the elements of a story that is then translated into the modern world. Where is the letter turned into an SMS message, and horse-drawn carriage transformed into a taxi. One thing that I like is how the transcript of Watson’s story turned into a blog post. Even the BBC really makes the blog and the website of The Science of Sherlock property deduction which is also really accessible. Some fans even had to make some fansite that supports the existence of this series, one of which is a site that is now being opened Sherlocking fanfiction contest for fans of Sherlock.

Watching the first episode titled “Study in Pink is so interesting, comparing with the first Sherlock Holmes novel, entitled alike, Study in Scarlet. The interesting thing is, they do not translate exactly the stories in the novels but some stories are mixed to add flavor and adjust them with the world today. Second episode entitled The Blind Banker. While the third episode, entitled The Great Game is showing the first meeting of Sherlock with his nemesis—Moriarty and still be my favorite episode to date.

The TV series that first aired July 25, 2010 by BBC One was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. After receiving positive reviews, the BBC intends to continue this series for a longer running time. Until now, there are 3 new episodes, each lasting 90 minutes. So, you have not left behind to follow this interesting series and enjoy the fresh adaptation to a story that will never be cracked and eaten by the times. (Prisanti Putri)


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