Corcovado National Park And Other Attractions in America

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Central Americais a favorite tourist spot that has the distinction of having multi-destination tourism. The famous tourist sites include Costa Rica, Panama and many more. One can enjoy luxury vacations to know more about the wild life in CorcovadoNational Park or explore places like Tulum ruins etc.

Corcovado National Park

Protects major habitats including a montane forest, which covers more than half the park; a cloud forest, located in the highest region, richly populated by oaks and tree ferns; swamp forests, flooded practically tear-round; a Yolillo forests, predominated by palms; a mangrove swamp, located on the estuaries of he Llorona, Corcovado and Sirena Rives,  and fresh water herbaceous swamp. Some of the larger trees like Purple Heart, Guanacaste, ceiba, cow tree, royal mahogany, shoe maker tree and espavel are included in park. In the Carcovado national park large herds of white-lipped peccary are common to see and also howler, spider white faced, and squirrel monkeys. It is sanctuary to the largest population of scarlet macaws in the country, many of which are easily accessible from the Sirena station or along the beach. In the category of bird species, here are white hawk, orange-chinned, short-billed pigeon, bronze-tailed sicklebill and parakeet etc. this park also protects some endangered species which includes large cats and reptiles. Carcovado national park is a home of several species or whose distribution is very restricted.

Features about the Park:

The sun particularly along the route from Carate to Sirena, is hot, strong and usually unbearable, sun screen is an absolute must, especially for the back of your neck and face.

When you will visit this place you have to keep mosquito repellent with you.

You must take an ample supply of water with you as you enter the park.

Tulum ruins

Tulum ruins are a spectacular location. There are numerous things that set Tulum apart form other archaeological sites along the Riviera Maya. It is situated above a white sand beach where Mayan canoes once docked, carrying cargo’s from as far as away as Honduras. It was the Mayan center of trade during the 14th and 15th centuries. Tulum’s golden age was during the winding down days of the Mayan culture. After the beginning of Mayan decline among the rival cities Tulum was actually one of the rival city states. Because during tumult the Tulum was get flourished and warfare a 16 foot thick proactive wall was built around the city.  The second unique thing of Tulum ruins is this wall.

Turtle inn

Turtle inn is a beachfront paradise, with 25 room seafront hideaway combines natural wonders with luxury style. In this paradise the accommodations are in individual thatched cottages, decorated with handcrafted Balinese furnishings and naturally cooled by the ever present sea breezes. Just step beyond your private deck; you will feel the white sand beach dissolves into the clear Caribbean ocean. Turtle inn offers you two swimming pools, if you want freshwater and saltwater bathing. The environment is very friendly; to serve you good service there is attentive staff, two restaurants, a rejuvenating spa and idyllic seafront setting. It is a best place for those seeking a stress relieving getaway. It also provides a wealth of exciting activities.


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