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Getting on the organic side of Google shows leadership and shows that you know what you are doing in your field. A search engine listing on the left shows the organic results and is of more value to those who are looking for information online. How though do you get those high rankings that everyone just seems to fight for? How can you surpass your competition and get on top of the food chain, and remain there?

For one thing, quality is one of the things that people are looking for. If you get visitors the information they are looking for, they will visit you often since they want information that is practical and that works. As you can see, there is no way round about this. You need to devote time, effort and money to do this, but the results are worth the sacrifices. Consider also the popularity of your links. Links that lead to you but do not lead out is one of the main ways that Google uses to determine how popular and thus how valuable your website is. Each link counts as a vote to the importance of your page. Caution however is important: Google is able to distinguish between natural and unnatural links. What this means is that you cannot fake links, you need to have other sites link to you, fair and square, based on your quality or other factors. A search engine linking that is high is generally one that has taken this into consideration.

A navigable site is another important consideration. If you make your site accessible by having logical linking structure as well as simple navigation that users do not have to struggle with, then you are on the right track. Visitors will bookmark your site and will look forward to visiting your site again. A site map can also help in this regard as it shows your visitors how to navigate on your site.

Search engine listing directories can also be used to improve page rankings. Article directories have been used for years by search engines to locate useful information. Since these articles have in-built links, they are a great way to build one-way links. Again, do not write content just to get high page ranks. Ensure that any article you submit is high quality and one that is worth reading. Only then will people click on the links inside or at the end of the article to get more information and thus lead to your site.

The bottom line? A high search engine listing on Google does not come effortlessly, nor is it difficult to attain. If you are committed to making it happen, most likely you will get the results in no time.


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