Soil Erosion

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      Widespread abuse of land, specifically tree-feeling, overgrazing, and innappropriate cultivation techniques, are responsible for the man-made ecological disasters.

      The interrelation between the ravaging effects of deforestation and its resultant erosion can be seen in the fallowing way. Tree-cover provides a precious ”sponge effect” , retaining and recycling water. Without the root structure of trees to bind it, mosoon-type rains wash tons of high quality top soil of bare hillsides in uncontralable torrents to swolenrivers which then flood ares of a country. Once the countryside is devoid of trees, the hot sun finishes the damage by backing what remaining soil there is into a cracked, lifeless shell.

       ”Slash-and-burn” farming is a great contributor to both deforestation and soil erosion. Land cleared of forests in this manner exposses low fertility which becomes exhausted in only two years. The farmers then move on to do more damage, leaving  atrail of ruin behind them. In many poor countries of the world ( unfortunately, Romania too is a poor country) , only wood is burned as fuel. When trees thin out people switch to dried  animal dung as a substitute. However, this robs the soil out oof a little natural fertilizer available, resulting in low crop yelds.

        Forested land plays land plays an essential part in the global recycling of water, as well as influencing wind, temperature and humidity. If deforestation continues unabated, ina few years many countries will have lost their remaining trees. With the richest soil already gone, the land in upper parts of many countries will no longer be able to sustain the population or livestock.


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