The Basics of Craps

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The game of craps, is not as easy as it may seem, as a matter of fact, the game is actually consistent of many terms and rules which you should be well versed with, if you are to have any chance to win at all.

The most basic betting method in the game of craps is, the line, this is a number which is chosen by the player whom is rolling to win. So you have to choose whether or not to bet on the line or against it. If you bet on the line you are basically waging your money on the player to win and vice versa if you do not bet on the line. Either bet has an equal chance of winning with the house taking advantage of how the first roll will proceed on to the next. It is however often regarded as bad form to not bet on the line.

Next we will be moving on to a betting term called “hard way”, this is when you try to get a number with a combination of two pairs of numbers on a dice. For example rolling the number ten with two five’s.

Now we will move to some common terminology used in the game of craps to describe things.

Come out roll – This is used to describe the first roll in craps, which is also the roll which sets the point which the dice thrower needs to reach on order to win.

On the stick – This term is the name given to the dealer whom is holding the stick for the dice.

On the base – This term is the name given to the dealer whom is not holding the stick.

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