7 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

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1. Citing Articles

This is method and does not require any special knowledge or skill about writing. Everything you have to do is, find the best article related to your topic from the article directories and post it in your website. At the end of the article body, you must leave the link of your article resource.

2. Submit link to Search Engines

This is the most effective way to get traffic but many people disregard it. Submitting your site to all the search engines will increase your traffic day by day. There are special software to do this, but it is also possible to done manually and for free.

3. Social Bookmarking Sites

Unlike search engines, special advantages of the social bookmarking site is people use it all the way they go: home, office, work even while they walk or travel. Also it allow user to share interesting stories. The best sites are Facebook,Twitter,  Digg, Stumbleipon, reddit and etc.

4. Participate in Forums

This method may seem not useful, but it is not. When you say or give suggestion to every post put your website’s link below your name. by doing this your site will reach more people.

5. Make an E-book

Publish your post in E-book format for every month and publish it in E-book sites. Without any surprise, these kinds of publications will give more traffic to your site.

6. Commenting on Blog

Always comment on other bloggers post and encourage them to write. This will increase the number of in links in your site.

7. Video, Quiz, Gift, etc

This method seems crazy but very effective. Make a theme video about your site and publish it on Youtube. Further, make a Quiz competition to your visitors and give free gift such as eBook, pen drive, etc. This will make them to visit your site every day.


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