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Most of the times people think that the responsibility of running an online business effectively ends after developing a website. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, the crucial responsibility begins after developing a website for your business. It requires consistent efforts to keep up the performance of your website. It is not just about making your website go ‘live’. It requires consistent maintenance.

You need to ensure that your web design is clean coded without any error and has cross browser compatibility. A website is your online identity. You need to work hard on it to make the best and it helps you to earn maximum profit. To keep it running in a perfect condition, you need to devote time and resources. This can be done either by website owners themselves or with the help of web designers. You need to update the content management system soon, as any new version is launched. You also need to install new tools on the site, minimise the use of flash, ensure unobtrusive javascript and validate markups of basic SEO practices.

When it comes to website maintenance, content plays a very important role. It is important to realise that old content is discarded by search engines. You need to frequently update the content to achieve good page rank. Keep updating the information on your website on a regular basis and review of the policy pages, terms and conditions, should be the part of your daily website maintenance.

You also need to renew the legal contract and the documentation of any product or services from time to time. They become outdated with every new release. You need to ensure that everything from legal issues, terms and conditions, pricing of the products, services and packages is updated regularly. You also need to update the information regarding the discounts if available. All these activities will help a lot in the smooth running of your business web design.

You should also take care of the technical problems. A security concern can annoy the visitors and can draw them away from your website. There are thousands of plugins available. Many of them may not suite your website. Therefore, you should know how to replace the old plugins with the new ones. Old and unsupported plugins can make your site vulnerable to hacking. Speed matters a lot. The pages of your website should load quickly. You can make your site faster with the help of tools like Yahoo! Yslow, Google Page Speed, HTTP Server Benchmarking Tool, Pagetest (IE specific tool), Unix wget, Full Page Test, or Fedge Utility and make the addition of such tools a part of your website maintenance.

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