How to Save Money When You Are Dealing With a Financial Crisis

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It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, but at the same time it is also true that without money Happiness will not last very long……. So saving money for the future is very much needed not only to make your future secure but also to secure your future happiness. But what if you are dealing with financial crisis and don’t have enough money to save……….. I agree it’s a bit difficult. But if you follow some simple tips you can save money even if you are in a crisis.

1.       Try to be mentally strong: –   Mental strength is very much needed for this. You will have to prepare yourself mentally before trying to save money.  Without mental strength you will never be able to achieve this goal.

2.       Dedication: – The second most important thing is dedication. With your dedication to save money you cannot be able to do that.

3.       Avoid unnecessary things: – Try to make a list of those things that you use but can manage without them.  Next time when you shop remember not to buy them no matter how much tempting they are.

4.       Try to reduce the amount: –   Make another list of the things which are very important and without which it’s impossible for you to live your daily life. Now when you shop buy them but in a lesser amount, because we have a tendency to use more than we require if we have plenty of something. You can always buy them again at any time if you require more.

5.       Try to buy in a bulk: – Some things are always needed and are never wasted like tissue paper. Try to make a list of such things and next time you go on a shopping and find some attractive offers on such things, never hesitate to buy. Buying bulk will not only give you some extras but in the long run will also save money.

6.       Stop unnecessary usages: – If the place where you have to go is within your walking distance stop using your car. You can also use a bicycle for a little bit long distances. This will not only save your valuable money but also make you fit.

7.       Give yourself a treat: – Try to give yourself a little treat after every success. It will encourage you to carry on but don’t spend all you saved while giving yourself a treat otherwise you will find yourself at the same point from where you started.


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