Halloween Accessories: Details, Details, Details

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We all see the guy in the devil costume coming down the street and of course, we take no notice. The same guy comes by in the same costume, but smoke is coming off of him and all of a sudden everyone is smiling. Is he on fire? Has he just come up from the depths of hell? Or does he just have a little dry ice in a baggie tucked away beneath his cape? These are the kinds of easy Halloween accessories that can make the difference between a drab and commonplace costume and a truly unique one.

These days, everyone wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd. You go to the costume store and spend hours and hours trying on different costumes and even though you pick one out, you still feel that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people are going to be wearing the same thing. That is why you need the Halloween accessories that will elevate your costume choice and have people talking about you the next day at the water cooler.

For example, you and your girlfriend have decided to dress up as Bonnie and Clyde. A good choice if not too original but you decide to go with it. At the party you show up in your suit and your girl has on her beret and dress, both with tommy guns of course. What do you see but three other couples wearing the same exact costumes? What could you have done differently to set yourselves apart? How about a couple of dozen bleeding bullet holes in your costumes to mimic the end of the movie when they are shot to bits? How about both of you carrying bags of money with dollar signs stenciled on the side? How about you both have the side of an old car made out of cardboard and you are both peeking out of the side windows? Be original! This is your big chance to be creative.

Another great way to set your costumes above the others is just to have a contradictory idea. For example you and your much shorter friend or kid can go as Batman and Robin, but instead you switch roles. You are Robin and your kid can be Batman. That will definitely make people crack up and you will receive kudos for your originality and humor. Humor is a great thing to exhibit on Halloween and can be done ingeniously by just using some simple Halloween accessories to your otherwise common costume.

Another example of Halloween accessories that you don’t need to buy was from a movie that I just watched where the girl came dressed as a Prom Queen but with a line of fake blood etched across her neck. Now that is original thinking.


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