First Birthday Party

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A baby’s first birthday party is an important occasion for both the baby and the parents. You might get carried away and decide to throw an extravagant party but truth is that the baby is still too young and may not appreciate the extravagance. It is therefore important to keep it simple, brief but fun. At the time of the first birthday party, a baby’s interaction with people is limited and so it is important that invites to the party are limited to close relatives and friends. Inviting strange people may scare the baby who is used to his family and a few friends who frequent their home. It is also important to include parents with babies close to the age of your baby so the baby can relax and have playmates.

The best time to hold a first birthday party is either in the morning or afternoon, this is because most babies have just had a night’s sleep or their afternoon nap, and therefore are well rested to fully enjoy and participate in the party. It is also advisable to check the naptime of other invited babies with the parents before setting the time. The party should last for between one and two hours because babies get irritable when bored or exhausted and they also loose their concentration very fast.

The best venue to hold a first birthday party is at home. This is because the baby will be in familiar grounds thus making him/her feel more secure and comfortable. While choosing food for a first birthday, go for finger foods with a variety of color, taste and texture like organic bread sticks, biscuits, sandwiches, cubes of mild cheese. Babies are colorful and they will associate with such types of foods. A cake crowns any party and it is fundamental to bake one or get one of your choice from the bakery or cake shops. Remember to keep the lighted candle away from the baby to avoid burns and scalds. Keep the theme of a first birthday party simple but colorful. You might want to ensure the colors coordinate in order to be able to take good photographs. Playing host is a handful and so it is important to delegate some duties like taking photographs and video coverage to a volunteer. The videos and photos are the only reminder to the baby that they celebrated their first birthday party and so ensure that they capture every crucial moment.

While choosing presents for a first birthday party, take into consideration that a one-year-old baby will be excited by noise, lights and color. A toy car or train with a siren that lights up would be a perfect gift for the baby. It is however never too early to start cultivating a reading culture so a textured board book would also pass as a thoughtful present. Other relevant presents would be a push-along aid or trolley, which would help the baby learn how to walk and it will surely be a welcome gift.


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