Wedding Stationary

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If you are really into wedding planning, and want to have fun with everything that goes into a wedding, there are some extra touches that you can use. These are not necessary, and your wedding will be great without them, but they are fun and can add an extra touch to your big day that your guests might appreciate. One of these things is wedding stationary. You can go out and get this and then use it for all things wedding-related.

You may be the only one that truly appreciates your wedding stationary, but that is okay. So many people have given up on the written word these days that finding or having the right wedding stationary made will set you apart from the crowd. You can use this for all kinds of things in relation to your wedding. If you want to send out hand written notes with invitations, or if you want to hand write your thank you notes, having this matching stationary is a must for the touch that has been missing from correspondence for a very long time.

There are many brides who buy printed thank you notes to use for both bridal shower thank yous and for the wedding gift thank you notes. This is fine and perfectly acceptable, but that is not the only way that you can do things. You can order wedding stationary for these reasons and really surprise some of your guests. Those older guests who remember when everything was sent on stationary will love that you sent a hand written note on your wedding themed stationary. It is probably something they did when they married, and are sad that so many brides skip it today.

When you choose wedding stationary, you want to get something that matches your theme idea. Whether you have just chosen colors for your theme, or if you have gone with something more complicated to symbolize your love and personalities on your wedding day. If you have a picture or graphic that you have used on your invitations and you other wedding related paper items, this would be perfect for your wedding stationary. You don’t have to have stationary that matches, you find something related that ties in with what you are doing on your big day.

Use your wedding themed stationary when you send out thank yous for your bridal shower and bachelorette party (if you have one). Do the same when you send out thank yous for all of the gifts that you are going to get on your wedding day. If you choose to send personal notes out to those that you know are going to have to spend more money to come to your wedding, use your new wedding stationary for that as well. You will want to send out wedding announcements to those that could not come, so use your stationary to add a personal note to these as well. It is a classy touch that will be remembered and appreciated because there are very few that do it any more.


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