New Year

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A new year is a new opportunity to make changes that will benefit yourself or the people around you. We make resolutions but most of the time these resolutions fade only days or months into the new year. What we have to remember is old habits are hard to break. The key to changing old behaviors is to completely eliminate all the stumbling blocks that hinder you from following through with real and lasting change in your life. A new habit usually takes thirty one days to take hold. During this time complete focus is needed. I guess the main key to lasting change is perseverance. And perseverance breeds a positive outlook. The last and most important thing is finding a hobby that you enjoy doing which will replace whatever habit you are trying to break. We need root out or eliminate the things that hinder our progress. One of the best options is to set up a new routine and stick to it baring circumstances out of your control. Another good idea is to share your resolutions with family or friends which will help you remain accountable for your actions.


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