Nothing Called "seo Tips"

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Actually, it’s just empty words because the black hat SEOer “explosive.” Can not totally deny the assertion. SEOer some black hat tricks to use the visit to increase rapidly, creating a large number of backlinks. In fact, by the way it effectively brings the “Big Zero”, even, can bring the opposite effect.

Here are some myths to avoid when doing SEO for your website:

1. Results 24 hours:

No one can see the results of this work within 24 hours. There are many words from the advertising black hat SEO as “the top 10 in just over eight hours.” Experience of SEO experts for years, the “big” in the search market – Google, Yahoo, MSN – all it takes all day just to put the site index.

Google is always a tool entice many new website owners – no matter how well they rank search wars still occur frequently. Most of the reasons to bring success to the construction of the link quality and / or those loyal readers.

All those who do SEO comes to bring quick results because they spread the link of the site with high speed and this could bring the opposite results from the search engine list them on and eliminate spam sites from the search algorithm. This does not bring lasting benefits to rise up a website to rank high in the eyes of search engines.

2. Top positions are forever:

Nothing can guarantee the location of a site’s ranking before the search engines if the quality of the site is still stalled, and the page rank of sites that can take at any time into the hands of his rivals. This is definitely by the other pages are always looking for ways to improve your ranking in the eyes of search engines. And there is no certainty for the position of the first results page.

For new sites, need to have a few small tips to quickly achieve a certain rank. But for the top 10 in the results table, it’s a very difficult job. A good location is a site that has a slow start and grow along with the development of the site.

3. Meta Tags:

Some “experts” SEO will stick to rumors about

to accelerate promotion of the site. Meanwhile it was proved that some of the popular search engine today (Google, Yahoo, MSN) have missed part of this content, and instead is based on the content placed in the site. Too much spam the webmaster of your keywords on a card this


Instead of putting keywords into the tag

, who can make SEO optimized keywords into

or rewrite the url to the search engines can easily understand and identify keywords. The meta tag will be almost completely meaningless in the near future.

4. Subscribe to the search engines:

There have been numerous similar advertisement: “We will register your site to 2,000 search engines.” Of course the registration site to as many directories or search engines are good but we need to remember that the main objective is Google and the other two search engines, Yahoo and MSN (now an Bing). With these three search engines, up to 99% of users use to find what they want and that means 1997 search engines remaining registration is pointless.

If you could put up top 10 sites returned by a search engine, the smaller search engines will assume greater importance than the backlink value. Thus, subscribing to the smaller search engines still deliver value to the site is ambiguous.

Thus, the registration site in search engines smaller, less harmful, but you should not put too many expectations can bring better results for the site’s ranking in search engines big search. So do not expect to send software to the directory or search engine or worse than hiring someone to do this.

5. Or links or better links:

All those who have entered the profession understood SEO, links can help your website rank high in search engines. Today, the search engine has been improved more intelligent and respected the suitability of content for the search term rather than too many links. A web page has too many links but no content relevant to the keywords that will rank quickly in a short time and then quickly sank into oblivion or be excluded from the search engines.

Administrators can quickly spread the link of your site to many other sites, but a real link is a valuable link to the website specific position with the content similarities.

Summary: There are many myths about the SEO world – on how to quickly get the site into the top 10 search results. But in fact, the only way that is effective in a short time then the result is totally opposite to the wishes of the administrator. A white hat SEO will not use the tool to fool the search engines or buy the link to bring your site up quickly. If the development site have been huge traffic and millions of people visit the site that truly successful and stable rank.


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