Oberon Likewise Took The Ass’s Head From Off The Clown, And Left Him to Finish His Nap With His Own Fool’s Head Upon His Shoulders

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`My sweet love,’ said the queen, `What will you have to eat? I have a venturous fairy shall seek he squirrel’s hoard and fetch you some new nuts.’ `I hard rather have a handful of dried peas,’ said the clown, who with his ass’s head had got an ass’s appetite. `But, I pray, let none of your people disturb me, for I have a mind to sleep.’

`Sleep, then,’ said the queen,’ and I will wind you in my arms. Oh how I love you! How I dote upon you!’

When the fairy king saw the clown sleeping in the arms of is queen, he advanced within her sight, and reproached her with having lavished her favors upon an ass.

This she could not deny, as the clown was then sleeping within her arms, with his ass’s head crowned her with flowers.

When Oberon had teased her for some time, he again demanded the boy; which she, ashamed of being discovered by her lord wither new favorite, did not dare to refuse him.

Oberon, having thus obtained the little boy he had so long wished for to be his page, took pity on the disgraceful situation into which, by his merry contrivance, he had brought his Titania and threw some of the juice of the other flower into her eyes; and the fairy queen immediately recovered her senses, and wondered at her late dotage, saying how she now located the sight of the strange monster.

Oberon likewise took the ass’s head from off the clown, and left him to finish his nap with his own fool’s head upon his shoulders.


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