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When you get engaged and are planning your wedding, it may be all that you can think about at the time. This is an exciting time in life for most men and women, and they want to make the most of every moment. They know they are building memories to last a lifetime. The Internet has become important in weddings with planning, buying, and even inviting those you wish to attend your ceremony. If you choose to open up personal wedding websites, there are some rules to keep in mind. Have fun with it, but make the most of what it has to offer.

One of the biggest reasons why people open personal wedding websites is because they have guests coming from areas far away. This is a great way to allow those people to get the information they need without having to call people over and over again with questions. Save the date cards tell people to keep a weekend open, and the invitation will then give more details. However, invitations are lost, directions can be hard to come by, and some distant relatives may not know the bride or the groom that will be joining their family. This can all be included in personal wedding websites.

You can make a choice when you are setting up these websites. You can have one that it totally open to anyone who wants to see it, or you can have private ones only for those that have been invited to your wedding. The latter may be the better choice, but you are free to do what you want with your site. Just remember that there could be people looking that are waiting to see when your home may be empty because you are on your honeymoon or attending your own wedding. Though it is rare, it is much like a social network. There are a few people lurking around who would take advantage of the fact that they know when you will not be home. It’s just something to think about when deciding.

What you do want to include on personal wedding websites will be information that will be valuable to those coming to your wedding, especially those that are coming from out of town and may not know the area very well. You can post driving directions and maps to the area, to the ceremony and reception sites, and any other places that people need to be. Make it so they are easily printed out. Also, make sure you post times and dates so that there is little confusion. Add a link to your site on all invitations and double or triple check that everything you have added is one hundred percent correct.

There are other small details that you can add which maybe appreciated by your guests. You can put up links to your registries if you wish, along with information on showers and other wedding related activities for your guests. You can also add listings for local hotels complete with directions and rates on your personal wedding websites for those that need a place to stay. If you have a group discount of which they can take advantage, be sure to add that information as well. If there are guidelines for photographs or attired, you can list that too. Make your wedding website a place for information that your guests can count on.


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