Titania Was Still Sleeping, And Oberon Seeing a Clown Nears Her, Who Had Lost His Way in The Wood, And Was Likewise Asleep

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When the fairies had sung their queen asleep with their pretty lullaby, the left her to perform some important services she had enjoined them. Oberon then softly dew near his Titania, and dropped some of the love juice on her eyelids, saying:

`What thou seest when thou dost wake, Do it, for thy true-love take’

After a white of wandering in the woods, Oberon said to puck, `I will go and see what sweet love my Titania has found.’

Titania was still sleeping, and Oberon seeing a clown nears her, who had lost his way in the wood, and was likewise asleep. `This fellow,’ said he, `shall be my Titania’s true love’, clapping an ass’s head over the clown’s, it seemed to fit him as ell as if it had grown upon his own shoulders. Though Oberon fixed the ass’s head on very gently, it awakened him, and rising up, unconscious of what Oberon had done to him, he went towards the bower where the fairy queen slept.

`Ah! What angle is that I see, said Titania, opening her eyes, and the juice of the little purple flower beginning to take effect? `Are you as wise as you are beautiful?’

`Why, mistress,’ said the foolish clown, `if I have wit enough to find the way out of this wood, I have enough to serve my turn’.

`Out of the wood not desire to go,’ said the enamored queen.’ I am a spirit of no common rate. I love you. Go with me, and I will give you fairies to attend upon you.

She then called four of her fairies: their names were peas-blossom, cobweb, moth and mustard-seed.

`Attend,’ said the queen,’ upon this sweet gentleman. Hop in this walks, and gambol in his sight; feed him with grapes and apricots and steal for him the honey bags from the bees. Come, sit with me,’ said she to the clown, and let me play with amiable hairy cheeks, my beautiful ass! And kiss your fair large ears, my gentle joy!’


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