Make A Car Survival Kit

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We never know exactly what is going to happen in our day. We always tend to hope for the best, but we need to prepare for the worse. A car survival kit is a necessity for everyone, because we never know what may happen. No matter if you are driving around town, or across the country, we should be prepared for anything. These are some simple things that you can do to make a care survival kit for yourself.

Basic items in your car that you will need if your car breaks down:

-Jumper cables
-Fire extinguisher
-Tools for working on the car
-Cones, flares or triangles
-A flashlight, and a lighter, or matches

Items in your car to use in case of an accident:

-camera, so you are able to take pictures of the accident if able
-A knife, or something that you will be able to use to cut your seat belt with-Something close to you so you can break your window.
-first aid kit with bandages, ointments, disinfectants, and a towel

All of these items come in handy if you are ever in an accident.

Items in your car for other emergencies that may occur:

-At least a gallon of water
-Some snack foods like granola bars, or other items that will not go bad in your car
-A change of clothing, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

All of these items will come in handy if you are ever stranded for a while.


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