Organizing Your Shoes

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Our shoes are the last thing we put on after getting dressed and if you are like me than you are grabbing you shoes as you run out the door for the day.  So it is important to have your shoes organized.  Having your shoes organized also keeps your closet organized.

The first step in organizing your shoes is sorting and grouping them.  Throw out the ones that are worn and cannot be repaired.  Group the remaining shoes into categories, such as work shoes, sneakers, black or red whichever categories that you would use.  Shoes that are season specific such as sandals or snow boots can be stored until you need them.

There are a few different ways that you can organize your shoes, you will need to decide which method will work best for you within your design constraints whether you want to store your shoes in the closet or under the bed and hanging on the back of your door.

The different ways you can organize your shoes are

  • Shoe Racks are available in different sizes

  • Stackable Shoe Racks which will increase your space significantly

  • Over The Door Shoe Organizers which can be either canvas or metal

  • Hanging Shoe Organizers

  • Shoe Trees are available in different sizes

  • Stackable Clear Shoe Boxes

  • Under Bed Shoe Organizers

  • Rolling Shoe Organizers

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves the holidays and entertaining.  She loves gadgets and anything that makes entertaining easier and loves to share her tips and tricks with you.  Feel free to browse her how to’s.


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