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If you need to escape the cold winters and extreme weather conditions of your area, why not consider a vacation at tropical Orange County. Since traveling is expensive nowadays, most people prefer to either drive, or take a bus or an airplane trip with a discount. And, the trip will also tend to be much shorter, such as a weekend trip or a one-week trip. Motels and hostels are much cheaper to stay at than hotels, unless you have a friend or relative who lives in Orange County that you are able to stay with for your excursion. Orange County has mostly sunny and moderate climate. But it does occasionally rain, now and then. So, bring an umbrella, raincoat, boots, sweaters and a jacket, just in case.

  In the short period, you will need to make most of your stay by enjoying the OC highlights. Three popular attractions that stand out as being the most famous and entertaining areas of the OC are Disneyland, the coastal OC Riviera, and OC Performing Arts.

  You will need a whole day to spend in Disneyland, from morning to midnight, so that you can enjoy all the rides, shows, Downtown Disneyland area, and the parade and fireworks. There are also food and snacks that you can enjoy there throughout the day as well as shop for some souvenirs.

  The coastal OC Riviera is along PCH, where you can drive on this scenic highway to check out the many beaches and quaint coastal cities. There are also many hotels, restaurants and cafes along this highway. At night, there is the artwalk, where you can browse through many adjacent art studios and eat some snacks. There are also live music and bands in the street as well as cafes and coffee shops, where people can enjoy the nightlife. Laguna Hills, Corona Del Mar, and Newport Beach are some of the beach cities you might want to check out. There is also Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island, which are like small villages, separated by a ferry that transports a couple of cars to the island from the peninsula, where there is a small amusement park, harbor, yachts, and more sandy beach. Laguna Hills also has the Pageant of the Stars show. Newport Beach has a ritzy mall to browse, do some shopping, and eat food as well as small Duffy boats to relax in with your private group and have your own picnic while a personal driver maneuvers the boat around in the water. OC Riviera can all be seen in one day, but a three-day stay is recommended in order to fully enjoy everything that it has to offer.

  Then, don’t forget to stop in Costa Mesa, where there is the famous mall, South Coast Plaza. Across the street, there is a quaint mini mall that looks like a European Village, filled with restaurants, art galleries, a movie theater, and many other stores surround South Coast Plaza. Close by, there is the OC Performing Art Center, where you can enjoy some culture, whether a Broadway musical, play, ballet, opera, or classical music performance.

  All these three areas can be seen during the weekend, but the experience is even more enjoyable if the trip is for one week or two weeks.


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