Jersey Shore: Harmless Fun or Hurtful For America?

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Jersey Shore has been attracting controversy from before it even aired. It made Italian-American groups angry and managed to offend many New Jersey residents in one way or another. (Not that all of the stars are Italian or from New Jersey, but whatever!) So, is this show harmless entertainment or bad for America? Below are some thoughts on the subject.

Pro-Jersey Shore Comments

* Jersey Shore is entertaining, and it’s meant to be just that – entertainment. It’s not indicative of the whole Italian-American community, and everyone should realize that. Just because many of the cast members have Italian pride does not mean that they are trying to say, “Hey! Every single Italian person ever acts like us!

* It’s really no worse than any other reality show. Lots of reality shows portray ridiculous couples and arguments. Are shows like The Bachelor or Bridalplasty reallty any better? At least the moral of Jersey Shore isn’t “marry a stranger” or “plastic surgery is the way to go!”

* Jersey Shore attracts viewers and advertisers. Advertisers are paying good money to put their commercials on during Jersey Shore, and viewers are probably going out and buying the products. This is good for our suffering economy. Money is being spent and making the circle of capitalism continue.

* Jersey Shore is (somewhat sadly) enouraging reading. Snooki just wrote a book, A Shore Thing, and you can be sure that at least a few Jersey Shore fans will be reading this.

* The MTV reality show gave us new celebrities. Snooki, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and the others are making club appearances, writing books, making videos and more…and we’re loving it. Even though they might not be the best role models, we can’t wait to see what Angelina, Sammie, Ronnie, Vinnie, and now Deena Cortese, will do next.

* Tourism has likely kicked up since the Jersey Shore madness began. Last I checked, it cost a bundle to rent the Jersey Shore house, and I’m sure people have coughed up the cash to catch a week of sleep where Snooki…well…you know what she did there.

Anti-Jersey Shore Comments

* Jersey Shore isn’t great for New Jersey. The state already has a somewhat sour reputation, and Jersey Shore certainly isn’t helping.

* It’s causing trouble among some Italian-American groups. If you recall, some groups protested the show before it even aired. Plus, it started a debate over the use of the word “guido” in popular culture.

* The stars are not role models, but they are hailed as heroees. Snooki’s been arrested for public drunkenness. Fights occur regularly on the show. Violence and random sex are common. The show’s great to watch, but tragic if taken seriously.

* The show encourages bad behavior. It shows us that it’s okay to do things that probably shouldn’t be done. Not that watching the cast’s actions make them okay, but they are put out there for the public to see. Plus, it teaches us that bad behavior, over the top actions and being ridiculous is rewarded with fame and fortune.


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