Complete Gainer Truth And Lies Exposed?

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There are many weight gainers out and about these days and some of them maybe misleading since many of them are packed with fructose/sucrose (sugar from fruits) with unnecessary added amounts of calories. So this is where Complete Gainer comes in to play. It is claimed that this product is unlike the many others. As you continue reading you will learn why.

So let’s look at what is claimed about this product.

Here is a quoted statement made on ProteinPowder (dot net):

You will finally be able to get an easy drink mix that will give you more protein and a chocolate or vanilla flavor to boot! It is theperfect nutritional supplement specifically formulated for those of you who have trouble maintaining or gaining lean hard size.

Also another review on this weight gainer that I picked up at SupplementCritic, states how Complete Gainer will not only help you put on mass but build more muscle in the process. But before we get into that you will need to know that this product alone will not get you the proven results you want, for you would need to follow a simple guide or plan that will provide the guided steps to effectively get big and ripped with or without the use of Complete Gainer.

(You can grab a copy of simple guide as such within the website below)

Here’s the other review:

Complete Gainer Power utilizes leading edge technology to provide the best gainer of its kind.

You want MUSCLE not FAT!

ISS CARBO – ISS Research’s unique combination of branched and long linear chain maltodextrins with very low “DE” (Dextrose Equivalence) provides a complex carbohydrate source approximately 96.5% sugar free! This is a superior source of carbs that provides you with quality calories and an excellent sustained energy source. When you are trying to add lean muscle mass it is important that you take a gainer that is not high in simple carbs (sugars). Excess sugar is readily converted by the body into bodyfat.

Whey Protein is BEST for adding quality lean MUSCLE FAST!

ISS PRO – Special Ultrafiltered, non-denatured, ultra high quality whey protein concentrate and pre-digested ion-exchanged whey protein hydrosylate provides you with the highest quality protein source available in any gainer!

Hope this review on this weight gainer has given you true insight about this product, and if you feel its right for you then it may as well be worth your money.

To receive a simple guide for the needed steps to get big and ripped  with the use or even without Body Design Rx Lite, be sure to go here-How To Get Ripped Fast.

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