Let's Toss it Around For Awhile Until it Becomes Clear….

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Let’s toss
it around for a while until it becomes clear


This is
sort of like pros and cons.


make a list, of the things you like about it, and the things you don’t.


Jobs are we really doing what God intended us to do?  Do you really like your job, to you enjoy
getting up and going to work at the same place every day, or are you
board?  Do you dislike or like the people
you work with? 


Do you
have a gift, do you write, sew, crochet, and knit, drawing, painting etc. That
you enjoy more?  Do you ever think I am
meant to do something else? 


Did you
go to school and collage to be a Lawyer but wish you were designing jewelry
instead?  Did you go to school to be a
nurse, and you hate death, and all that comes with it, and wish you were
working in a dog kennel caring for animals. 


Most of
us have just accepted or are accepting what we call real life.  What is acceptance?  Acceptance is surrendering to what is: Our
circumstances, our feelings, our problems, our financial status, our work, our
health and our relationships with other people, and with this delay our life’s


you ever thought of the ideal life, is there such a thing?  The prefect house always clean, children that
act like little angels, bills that never have to be paid.  It isn’t happening no matter how you try.


are overwhelmed with Life, so that causes us not to follow our dreams. Life
will come together when we seek joy in simple things, like setting down and
writing a short story, crocheting or knitting a hat or scarf for a family
member.  Sewing that dress you want to
wear.   Painting or drawing a picture,
for your home.   Does this sound like
fun, Taking time to do happy things you like to do, and what is even better, being
able to tell them you made it…


of life, Grab that cup of tea, the softest blanket in the house, curl up and
read a good book get lost in another world, take a break  from you own life.  Go out and buy yourself a sketch book, and
drawing some pictures.



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