Vintage Continues in 2011

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Vintage clothes and accessories continue into 2011, but attention to detail is placed on environmental issues. Such clothes and accessories should be organic and natural as well as fake fur and pleather. These vintage pieces, which are refurbished from past eras, are incorporated into six particular styles. The Elegant Vintage, Artsy Vintage, Trendy Vintage, Sexy Vintage, Sporty Vintage, and Sophisticated Vintage each give vintage pieces a modernized look.

  This season, the Elegant Vintage woman will wear a cropped jacket with cropped sleeves, but in fake fur or pleather, over a dress from 20s to 60s eras. A small purse made from fake reptile skin has the look of a reptile’s skin but it is actually pleather. Add a brooch or pin to decorate a dress, sweater, jacket, coat or beret as well as a pearl chocker. Shalimar or Chanel is the preferred perfume for this woman. The colors are kept at neutral beige tones.

  The Artsy Vintage woman is about expressing herself as she is having fun being herself. A pleather motorcycle, aviator or bomber jacket has some fake fur trim, usually on the collar, but can be on other areas of the jacket. This jacket can be worn over a 50s or 60s-style bodice dress. A small red purse with a long braided chain handle holds her basic necessities, such as cell phone, red lipstick, keys, and driver’s license. A gold cuff and red lipstick are her preferred accessories to decorate her look. She is never seen without her journal, where she continues to express herself, whether writing or drawing. Her accent color for accessories and makeup is red, but worn with black clothes and gold jewelry.

  The Trendy Vintage woman is always on the go. She is active and busy that she doesn’t have time to shop. She prefers to pick up a few trends each season in order to update her look. Since she loves the nightlife and the city, she often dresses in shiny sparkles that resemble the colorful lights at night as well as the bright stars in the sky. A asymmetrical one-shoulder, bubble dress with shiny sequins, a small box-like purse in shiny gold metal, bib necklace with fringe and diamond drop-beads, and nail polish that has sparkling glitter all make up her trendy look. Because she is so busy, she is never seen without her iPhone, which has its own glittery case. She prefers makeup in rosy pink, gold, and metal tones of pewter, silver and bronze. Her preferred jacket is the cropped jacket with cropped sleeves but in trench coat style. Her favorite perfumes are usually the little, compact samples that she grabs at the cosmetic counter on her way through in her busy lifestyle.

  The Sexy Vintage woman often has the style of Old Hollywood. She loves satin robes, camisoles, or shirts, lacy clothes, and short pleather or fabric gloves. Dangling vintage earrings and a fake fur wrap will dress up her outfit. Her preferred jewelry is a silver cocktail ring with a large gem. Her compacts and lipstick holder are also decorated with colorful gems and antique designs. Sensual perfumes from nature include floral and fruity scents. She likes to seduce through the senses.

  The Sporty Vintage woman is often too casual and earthy. She loves sports as well as just going out and living life, not just dreaming about what she wants out of her life. She prefers wearing simple and basic clothes in primary colors. She really doesn’t like to shop or even go to a mall. A customized letterman jacket that personally identifies her personality with her specific trait or hobby is the preferred jacket for this woman. The only jewelry she wears is a simple necklace that has her name or initial as well as a bright-colored all-purpose watch with a plastic band that has time, date, second hand, alarm, shock resistance and water resistance. Her life is all about being practical and having fun because, after all, life is too short to be wasted. The only bag she carries is a cute and colorful gym bag, which she throws in everything she needs that can be used for work as well as evening hangouts. Her preferred makeup is lip-gloss with a subtle tint. But she has all the tints for her many moods and different occasions. Occasionally, she will wear some mascara and eye pencil to define her eyes, if she needs to dress up her look. Her favorite scent is natural soap, with ingredients derived from the earth, nature, and ocean.

  The Sophisticated Vintage woman dresses in minimalism, where her clothes and accessories have simple and clean lines that often look modern but dramatic. Clothes have simple styles but with some modern cutouts, giving the clothing a certain edge for a dramatic look. Cocktail rings with colorful gems dress up an outfit. Clutches in velvet as or exotic fabrics help to better accessorize her outfit by bringing out her personality. A well-fitted jacket for active-wear has clean and smooth lines, but shows off her feminine figure without making her look drab and casual, like an athletic person. Rather, she looks more cultured, and prefers to look like a dancer or performer. Her makeup tends to be in warm tones to soften her minimalist, modern and edgy look in order to make her more relatable and personable. Her preferred perfume is the scents of exotic herbs.


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