The Ultimate Lover

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I have seen struggle, felt so much  pain  I cried my eyes out like I produced the rain. I flooded my heart with bitter grief then I accepted a love O’ so sweet. It caressed my emotions and healed my heart I was in  a new light and out  of the dark. My walk is narrow but  my steps quicken to share with others what I have been given. The greatest of all lovers is he,  who died on the cross for you and me. I dont have to hide don’t want to run until my work for him is done I stumble I fall but I get back up and praise my savior like its never enough I love you LORD I’m glad you died cause when you did you killed my pride I only boast of how good your are you are my light  my shining star.Because of you I have sweeter dreams JESUS CHRIST MY KING OF KINGS. I love you lord will all my heart and my soul relentlessly you are the best thing that has ever happen to me! You are so mighty so beautiful your blessings continue to over flow each day your are in my presence thank you o lord for your gifts the trials and tribulations I go through that brings me closer to you!


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