The Old Wilderness And Free Trade of Runescape

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Runescape is finally bringing back the old wilderness(wild) and free trade. This means that you will be able to trade anything to anyone on Runescape. It is great news! All of my friends are starting to play again. I can’t wait until it starts.

This also means that the Grand Exchange prices are most likely to drop
a little. Not a whole lot, there will still be pleanty of people who use the Grand Exchange to buy and sell things. It’s hard to know what will happen because there was no Grand Exchange when there was free trade before.

Jadex is removing PVP worlds, Bounty worlds, and Bounty Hunter Minigame. The wilderness will be on every world. You just cross the ditch and your official in danger.
The wilderness and free trade will help you make money believe it or not. There are several ways you can now make money that you could not do before with the wilderness and free trade.

If you have a item that is not available to buy anywhere fast and is hard to get but well wanted, such as a dragon dagger(p++) You can now sell it to another player for a ridiculously huge amount of money.

Merchanting on the Grand Exchange for money is still there but free trade will now be the biggest and best way to make money on Runescape. (Next to the wilderness.) Make sure you stock up on hard to get items, they will help you earn cash like crazy.

Another great thing to take advantage of is the wilderness. The entire wilderness is now going to be like a giant game of bounty hunter. The wilderness will become very dangerous and you always need to take a teleportation method with you whenever you enter it.

Now, the way to make money in the wilderness is simple. You only take three valuable things with you. Wether your mems or not, make sure you log into a non-mems world. Take rune platebody, rune platelegs, and a rune 2h sword.(if you have protect item prayer than take a rune scimmy and a kite shield instead of 2h sword) A full inventory of tuna and a teleportation tab to Varrock are very helpful.

Here is the tricky part, getting someone who is an even match to your level to attack you in the wilderness. They will be extremely reluctant to do this. Most of the time they will run, if they do this than chase them but do not attack them! If you attack them then you will be sculled(you loose all of your stuff when you die.)

When they start to walk because they ran out of run then follow them and start to brag. Brag like crazy, make them as mad as you can. Tell them that they are as nooby and you could school them with no armor on at all. If they don’t attack you after that then you can probably assume that they are safe to attack and just attack them yourself. Remember that you have the food and they don’t. This gives you a huge advantage.

At the first sign of trouble make sure to run or teleport out of the wilderness. If your food runs out, your prayer runs out. Remember, anything that harms you will help them.

This new way of making money is very dangerous, but well worth it. If you loose anything valuable remember that this is a game and just have fun playing it. 🙂

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I have been playing Runescape for 5 years and experimenting with money making strategies for a long time. This guide is just basic, if you want lots more information than try this e-book.

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