Talk is Finally Cheap- Free Calling to Nigeria

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I came across this new product called My Nigeria Mobile while logged onto to Facebook one day.  After careful consideration I decided to give the product a go and was I impressed.  This company offers unlimited one way calling as well as two way calling (receive calls from Nigeria).  This cost is so low, only $1 a day – can’t beat it!  After I signed-up a customer care rep got in touch with me to set up my account, they also got in touch with my family and relatives in Nigeria to provide them with their free mobile phone. I am now able to call Nigeria 24 / 7 unlimited! The call quality is amazing I am so happy with the service, I recommend it to all of my friends and family that live in Canada so they can call Nigeria for just $1 a day.  I spoke with customer service agent Alex M. and he was very patient and helpful in explaining to me how the whole thing works.  I also got to have one month of extra service as the company is running a promotion of buy one month get the other for free. I am so happy with the service of this company, they are offering such a great service- the absolute best!  Try it today


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