Top 10 Manipulator Fictional Characters

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10. Kyoya Ootori


From the Anime “Ouran High School Host Club.” A second year Student at Ouran Academy. He is dubbed “Shadow King” because he is the one who is truly running the Ouran High School Host Club. He uses his intelligence to manipulate others into buying merchandises for a high price. In the anime he had help save his father’s company by buying the shares without anyone knowing it was him. 

Characteristic: Put up False Persona/Calculative

9. Keima Katsuragi


From the Anime “The World Only God Knows.” A student in Maijima High School Academy. He is dubbed “Otaku, Freak, Loser, etc” because he is constantly playing video games. The type of games he mostly plays is anime dating simuation games. But he is a Top student in every subject except physical education. He uses his intelligence to find patterns in video games and uses that method to manipulate girls into falling in love with him. In the anime he got closer to the librarian because he learned from his games that librarian girls are naturally quiet and you can only get them talking by making them angry but at them same time creating situation that lead to misunderstandings.

Characteristic: Calm/Determine

8. Izaya Orihara


From the Anime “Durarara!!!.” A underground informant. Uses his connections to gather information and sell it to anyone for a high price. He is known and “Kanra” online. He uses his intelligence to predict people’s behavior and at times to test each characters by putting them in situations he had created. In the anime he manipulate Mikado Ryugamine into creating the gang “Dollars” and force Masaomi Kida into reforming the gang “yellow scarves” so both gangs can duke it out.

Characteristic:Sly/Always Smile

7. Alex Wilder


From the comic “Runaways.” One of the six children that ran away from home because they found out that their parents were the evil organization known as “Pride.” Uses his experience in role playing PC games to think strategically. Leads the runaway childrens into safety by teaching them to work together and emphasizing on their particular skills. In the comic (SPOILER) he end up manipulating his friends into a elaborate trap to save his own parent.

Characteristic: Calm/Have considerable patience/loyal/Logical

6. Nero Wolfe


From the mystery novel “Nero Wolfe” by Rex Stout. A genius private detective who is also a connoisseur of food. Uses his intelligence to assign task to his fellow detectives and uses their gathered information to calmy blackmail or set up a trap for the murderer. He also has a considerable knowledge in law.

Characteristic: Short Temper/Sluggish/Exceptional Vocabulary

5. Sherlock Holmes -The BBC Version


From the mystery novel “Sherlock Holmes” by Conan Doyle.  A genius private detective who uses undiscover forensic science into solving crime. Uses his intelligence to form conclusions base on clues. Master of disguise. In novels he finds murderers by their carelessness in details. Watch the BBC Version, an remake with a slight changes to the plot.

Characteristic: Fearless/Bold/Sly/Logical

4. Lelouch Vi Britanni


From the anime “Code Geass.” A student who live in a fictional world where Britanni has sieze control of most of the world. Uses his intelligence to predict his opponents moves and at times create inevitable situations by controlling people into doing his bidding with his Geass.

Characteristic: Cunning/Emotional

3. Bean


From the novel “Ender’s shadow.” A genetic alter boy who has a photographic memory. Raised in a harsh enviornment, uses his intelligence to observe others and uses their weakness to his advantage. Has a military mentally.

Characteristics: Shy/Distrustful of others/Loyal to his friends

2. Andrew Wiggn


From the novel “Ender’s game.” A genius who was raised to save the world. Uses his intelligence and emotional acuteness to predict his opponents moves. He also make a point to completely destory his opponents. Born leader. Find strength in people and gain trust in others. 

Characteristics: Loyal/Bold/Strategist/CaresTooMuch

1. Artemis Fowl


From the novel “Artemis Fowl.” A boy genius who was raised in a criminal family. Uses his intelligence to create schemes to build up his fortune. Uses his opponents strengths against them. Has a habit of dressing up in formal wear.

Characteristics: Strategist/Manipulator


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