Why Did You Leave And Stay Gone Son Long!!

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I missed you why did you leave and stay gone so long? I thought you might have got tired of me and decided to move on,

 Days seemed like weeks and months never seem to prolong

After awhile, I thought you have died

 because when I wrote you you never replied
I poured my heart out to you telling how I felt inside

See to my surprise your absent goodbyes left me feeling

I cried but if any one asked I lied

trying to hate you only leaves me with butter flies

I am poised cool calm and collect but a nervous wreck on the inside

I can recollect a time when a mans pride was his demise but I now come to realise the pain as it must materialize

with the rain and the rust the disdain an hearts crushed

pride know holding me up what a benefit of a crutch
 for the longest time I missed you I laid down my life and refused to get up

 But for what, a feeling of being awe struck that would pass fast like that buck


Confusing up with down and down with up

  so why did you leave and stay gone so long

have you given up refuse my kiss hug and touch

 Faithfulness and love wasn’t enough,

 You just wanted to run amok

 Because of your past when men gave but soon gave up,

 or ran out of luck for what do I owe this pleasure,

 Thinking I could do better when I may be lesser
 like that old worn letter,

 that still sits in my moms house in her dresser,

 can’t handle the pressure every time I feel I have it down pat, is the very time I mess up
That’s why you left so fast that I couldn’t move at your pace to catchup,

 But guess what, when you left and I missed you I picked “myself” up and played dress up, “yeah” I missed you but now you all messed up a mix up

I seen what I never stopped to look for

 a nook to explore  a book in a store a place for my coat and hat like a hook on a door

swatting at gnats trying to attack my open sores I boasting for more

 so leave me again pen the anger  from writers block will turn your ink to a sword
 you get weak when I’m bored the meek can’t ignore  but I push on like a ford and just explore it 
  I’ve  missed you but no no no more!!!!


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