Top 10 Gadgets For 2010

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This year the market has exploded gadgets. Not necessarily because they have launched many great products but because of successful marketing.

Besides normal marketing battle if we were to refer to the released gadgets we can say that 2010 was the year of tablets.

All companies have made one. All year it appeared to everyone’s 3D television. I took all the flea releases and according to this innovative media and how are we made a top of the most interesting gadgets in 2010.

  1. IPad tablet. According to research firm Bernstein, Apple has become the fastest growing gadget sales in history – more than three million units sold in two months and a half after launch. In America, 500,000 were sold in a fire in the first week. iPad has created a new revolution, the majority of competing companies have turned to a product to enter the same segment.

  2. Galaxy 2.Samsung Tab. Tablet Koreans reached one million customers within two months. It’s one of the strongest competitors of the tablet launched by Steve Jobs. It was launched in early October and should take into account that the SS had the same marketing strategy as a device to Apple.

  3.  3D TV. It was said that it will be the new revolution in TV. In the spring, immediately after the launch of the first 3D TV, the stock is exhausted from the first week, even if one cost around 2,000 euros. Now they are plentiful and interest was a bit more subdued. However, it remains a historic moment that the 3D technology has become widely accessible.

  4.  iPhone 4. It is a serious product that has thickened Apple profits this year. Well, the first 24 hours after launch, it sold over 600,000 units, and because very large applications, on-line control system was messed up and got stuck.

  5.  Windows 7. Mobile phone operating system made by Microsoft was a relief. Archie Bergm, Microsoft vice president, said in early December that in about a month and a half have sold more than 1.5 million phones using Windows Mobile 7. The system comes as a competitor to Android.

  6.  Xbox 360 Elite Slim. The new models on the TV game consoles Microsoft products have been launched in Romania. The great advantage of this model is compatible with the latest model Kinect. The new model allows you, through sensors, to control the game only through the body without using other devices.

  7.  Dell Streak. IPad first competitor was based on its small size, the fact that it can fit easily in your pocket. It is actually a combination between a smartphone and a tablet and has developed three functions: social networking, entertainment and surfing the Internet.

  8. Google Nexus One. The first phone from Google that they wanted to push Android and more popularity among, launched just this year. The sale was made through online ordering. Nexus One has 3.7 inch display, 512MB RAM, 1 GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera. 

  9.  P. Sony Vaio Pocket PC has built-in 3G everywair system that facilitates connection to the Internet via mobile networks. The screen frame, the side, were mounted two mouse buttons and a touch pad. The first series of Sony laptops with integrated GPS and digital compass.

  10.  Benq S11. World’s first camcorder that records full HD projector functions. The room is small, does not exceed the size of a cell phone and fits easily in pocket jeans. It has 3.5 inch screen, 16 MP image resolution and LED lighting.


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