How to Keep Young Longer …

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     Biological age may be different from chronological age.
     Between them there may be a difference of up to 10 to 15 years
• Do not smoke! Smoking hastens wrinkles. A study says that aperson who smokes 10 cigarettes a day, looks older than a personof the same age, who do not smoke. If you smoke, reduce the amount of cigarettes a day or two. Add your diet with vitamins A, Cand E which are powerful antioxidants.
• Do not drink alcohol to excess. Excess alcohol consumption ordaily primarily affects the liver, cardiovascular system, nervous andendocrine systems. Consumption of alcohol is dehydration of the body, causing premature aging of cells.
• Avoid inactivity. Sport oxygenate the body keeping us young andhealthy cells. The move is better blood circulation, strengthens the heart. A sedentary lifestyle causes premature aging of the body. Atleast 30 minutes a day should you exercise. This will make you look and feel younger.
• Sleep at night. Cells recover during sleep, eliminating a numberof substances that have regulatory role in regulating homeostasis.
• Avoid diets high in saturated fats such as pork, sausage, food,fast food, cookies. Avoid foods that contain elements of type E high consumption of beverages containing caffeine, cola, coffee,energy. All these things aging body.
To show younger is not necessarily to be young. Being old does not mean to be old.I hope these things will help you to change your way in life.

                                  The way you live can be seen in how you look. All the best!


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