Fat Burning Principles – Its Important To Heal Your Glands And Hormones First If You Want To Keep The Weight Off

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You Have to Heal Your Glands and Hormones to KEEP the Weight Off.

Do you wonder why it is often so difficult to lose weight? Here we’ll talk about why it is necessary to first heal your glands and hormones to get into fat burning mode, and how this relates to body types.

There are many people that just do not understand there are more than a few factors that come into keeping the weight off after you lose it. A body type diet tailored to your specific body type is a great way to burn fat and keep the weight off. Now, why you have to heal your glands and hormones to keep the weight off.

Your primary goal needs to change from losing weight to complete healing of your week gland. If you keep this in mind you should be able to burn fat and have stable weight loss. You need to focus on the real problem.

The key to keeping the weight off is achieving full rejuvenation of your gland and hormones. What does this mean? This means that you should do the body type diet program long enough that your body has the chance to fully heal. If you don’t completely fix the main issue – unstable glands – you then enable the problem to return.

You’ll should notice when certain glands get sick, the hormones they produce can dissolve the muscles in your arms, legs and buttocks. After this happens it will leave you with shrunken, and weak muscles. These hormones are very destructive and will eat up your muscle proteins. This will turn them back into fat around your midsection area. Instead of burning fat that is supposed to be used for fuel, your body will use your muscle proteins. These are turned into sugar as fuel. This makes you fat, flabby, stressed and also weak.

There are four primary body types that affect four specific glands in different ways. It’s important that you are aware of what specific body type you have to most effectively lose weight. As a person starts their specific body type diet and these glands heal, the muscles need to be rebuilt. Muscles are heavier than fat; therefore your weight might not initially change, even though their clothes feel looser. Fat is burned inside muscle tissue, so this muscle must first be rebuilt in order for fat to be burned.

Fat will burn off in proportionaltely to the health of your hormones. Fat, to the body, means survival, the body won’t burn fat and release energy until it is sure it is safe to do so. While healing is occurring it might take some time before your body is healthy enough to burn fat and lose weight. It could take a month before your body starts burning fat sufficiently. However, your energy will be up, you’ll feel stronger, have fewer cravings, and your overall mood will improve.

How Will You Know That It’s Working?

The best way for you to know if your organs and glands are healing and the body type diet is working is not just by weight loss and fat burning, but by other positive health indicators – improved energy, better quality of sleep, better digestion, clothes fitting more loosely, more muscle strength, and overall feelings of well-being.

These indicators will give you the important feedback that your body is healing. In other words, you need to shift your goal from “losing weight” to “attaining health,” since only through this will you be able to burn fat and fully attain your ideal weight, as being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy body. Learn which of the 4 body types you have and you’ll then be able to start your body type diet.

There is a lot of new information about the four body types and the hormone connections to fat burning. Why is it so hard to lose weight for so many of us? Learn about the body type diet.. To find your body type diet and learn more about the 7 Principles of Fat Burning visit http://www.findyourbodytype.com/7_principles_of_fat_burning.php


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