Recap And Review of Episode 6.10 of The Closer

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The tenth episode of the sixth season of The Closer begins with an ambulance finding a sick man in the middle of the road. During the trip to the ER, the man becomes out of control, causing the driver to pull the ambulance over and enter the back to help his partner. Once both ambulance personnel are in the back of the ambulance, the patient pulls a gun out and shoots the ambulance attendants. They he leaves the ambulance.

The ambulance is found by a unit they had called for backup. The squad is called to investigate since in LA ambulance attendants usually work for the LA Fire Department. The fire department already removed the bodies to a hospital. Brenda asks the bodies to be sent to the morgue with the hands bagged around the gloves they were wearing. At the morgue, fingerprints are taken off the gloves that belong to the killer. His name is Kevin.

Tracing the cell phone used to make the 911 call that directed the ambulance to the man in the road, the squad is able to trace the telephone to a bomb attack from two years earlier. Chief Pope brings in Chief Delk, a police chief finalist, who is head of the LA terrorist division. Brenda asks that the FBI not be brought into the case yet.

You see the suspect with Walter, a man he helps take care of. He keeps a gun and drugs in Walter’s bathroom. Walter is telling him he wants his electric wheel chair back.

The squad finds out that Kevin is someone who had applied to be a fireman and was rejected repeatedly for psychotic issues. The psychologist from the fire department says Kevin is dangerous, thinks he is perfect and if he were planning an event, it would be huge.

Chief Delk calls the FBI on his own. He gives them files on the former incident, and sends them off to look for Mr. Mason. Brenda has an idea that there is a big event Kevin is setting up. Chief Delk told the FBI her idea did not make sense, but after they leave he suggests they begin investigating her idea. The announcement of Chief is being delayed until after the funeral.

The squad locates Walter, who was a witness to an earlier bombing, most likely by the same suspect. Walter though had become uncooperative with Kevin’s plans so he killed him. The squad finds him dead in his room when they come to talk to him, along with the murder weapon. The squad also finds a statement from Kevin where is blames affirmative action polices for his not getting hired as a fireman.

Monday is the funeral for the two fireman. Brenda decides this must be the big event. She decides to cancel the funeral. Chief Pope decides that he will give that order, because if Brenda is wrong, she will never be Chief. The funeral is canceled. From locating the suspect’s home, Tao finds that he has some tanks filled with saran, a nerve gas that kills pretty fast.

The squad notes that the suspect is driving the nursing home wheelchair van and Walter’s electric wheelchair is missing. Tao tells Brenda he thinks Walter has tanks of saran he is going to set off at the funeral.

Kevin becomes angry when the funeral is canceled by the police. He decides to go to police headquarters and release the saran. The squad tracks his van down in the garage area. The squad faces off against Kevin.

Kevin recognizes Brenda from the news. She uses this to keep him talking and tells him she has been selected as the new Chief. She tells Kevin she wants him alive so she can learn from his tactics. It turns out the Kevin has a bomb attached to him that will set off saran. While Brenda is keeping him busy, Gabriel and Flynn are able to get closer to Kevin. When it looks like he is going to set off the bomb, Brenda shoots him. Gabriel grabs the bomb trigger so it won’t go off. Meanwhile, a tank of saran get always from the wheelchair. Tao arrives just in time to catch it before it explodes. The bomb squad is called.

Brenda’s shooting takes her out of the police Chief race. She can’t be appointed Chief of Police with an internal investigation going on to her shooting and the murder case. Chief Delk is appointed the new police chief. Brenda supplies the squad with ding dongs while they watch the announcement, not knowing if their jobs will continue under the new leader. Chief Pope says he is off to type up his resume. Fritz comments there is not way Chief Delk will be able to end the Special Crimes Division after they solved this case and got him the Chief’s job.

This episode was different in that you knew who the killer was all along, but not what he was really up to until the end. I did not expect Brenda to wind up shooting the suspect. Both her and Fritz have shot a suspect this season. Brenda did not make chief, but the mayor may have appointed someone Brenda could work with. We still don’t know what the new Chief will do, so there is some doubt still lingering there. In all, this was a very climatic end to the summer season. The sixth season will continue in December with five more episodes.


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