Fire Star 16 Email Part Two

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Dear Ms. XXX

Continue with part two from “FIRE STAR”

I had to get off the computer. I didn’t want to destroy public property. I don’t want any problems with the police. Plus, I LOVE THE CIVIC LIBRARY! My body has fevers way over 105 degrees. I am supposed to be dead yet I still breathe air. THANK YOU JESUS!  I am telling you this because I remembered James Frye “MILLION PIECES”.  I get burns from the inside out. Bonnie knows about my pyrokensis too. I have bad nose bleed too. Tomorrow, I will give more info on It looks like is going to be freezing tonight. So, I am going to sleep a little in the library tomorrow than have lunch with Eli. She taught me to swim.  I REALLY MISS SWIMMING! I remember what you said about the little girl in Africa. “This little girl in Africa always walks a long, long way for water: Every time she gets water; she gets RAPE.” You stated so seriously. My life is a piece of CAKE!

It takes a real strong person to be my friend. Bonnie is so courageous. She defines the word LOYALTY. I keep thinking she is going to change on me like so many others. I want to be an honest-caring friend to her too. I want to support her like she has supported me. Please, let Bonnie be on your show Ms. XXX


(You are glad; I am not going to email your tomorrow?)


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