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Wine glass pens.

Wine glass charms can be cute, sure, but they really are limited to wine glasses with stems. As more people opt for a comfortable bulb wine glass to cradle in the palm of their hand, wine glass charms are limited.

Jeannine Fradelizio, creator of the Wine Glass Writer, was inspired to come up with non-toxic, temporary wine glass pens that she could offer her guests to help them keep track of their wine glasses and because she hated seeing good wine being poured down the drain. While she sometimes lost her wine glass charms to the sink disposal, her guests often lost track of their wine charm identity, resulting in her being stuck at the kitchen sink making sure her guests had ample wine glasses ready for reuse. The Wine Glass Writer is a package of two wine glass pens that eliminates the mess of tangled wine charms as well as the potential for wine charm confusion: “I’ve never seen one of my guests forget their own name, however, no matter how much wine they’ve had to drink.” These wine glass pens add a creative spin to wine parties. “Cool art has resulted from the wine glass pens. I hate to wash some of them away”

Don’t confuse the Wine Glass Writer with permanent wine glass pens. While the ink in these wine glass pens goes on easily, sets quickly, and remains vibrant and intact throughout the evening, they’re unlike other wine glass pens because the ink washes off easily and effortlessly when the party is over. Just run your wine glasses under hot water or give a swipe with a sponge. Or, better yet, just load your dishwasher –no pre-rinsing required—and head off to bed. The temporary ink from these wine glass pens will be a thing of the past.

The two-pack of wine glass pens will surely become one of your favorite wine party supplies this holiday season. The Wine Glass Writer also makes unique stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and party favors.


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