An Overview on The Different Types of Motorcycles

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For every type of rider and every application a rider may want to put their bike to, there will be a type of bike that will suit you. Here is an overview of some of the options open to a prospective owner.

You may wish to tour, travelling long distances and if this is your desire then you will find quite a choice of bike to suit your purpose. Usually big bikes with large engine capacity and the ability to carry the rider in comfort for many miles. Good examples of such bikes are the

Honda Goldwing and the Harley Davidson Electraglide . These bikes have an established history for quality touring and have a full range of luggage accessories available to complete the experience.

It may be that swinging round bends while riding a challenging country lane is your preferred biking experience. You are well catered for with a huge range of bikes designed to provide power and handling characteristics that are just perfect for you. Such bikes have excellent power to weight ratios too. You may want to look at the Buell with it’s unique oil in the frame construction designed to keep the weight low when cornering is being pushed to extremes.

If track days are for you, perhaps combining this with your daily ride then you really cannot go wrong with the latest offerings of performance motorcycles such as the Yamaha R1 . Most motorcycle manufacturers have their own version of sport motorcycle any of which will fulfill that acceleration adrenaline buzz.

Many enjoy the experience of the muscle bike that is epitomised by the Yamaha V-Max. Although other manufacturers produce similar machines this one is the one that others follow. As can be seen, this style of bike is all about power and street credibility. If you want to street race in a straight line these are the bikes for you.

Possibly your bike experience is an off road one. Riders in this arena are well catered for with bikes that cover all off road eventing from trials to supermoto. One example is the KTM range of bikes although most major manufactures provide their own spin for bikes used in the mud.

However, many simply use their bikes as daily rides and commuter vehicles. This type of rider is also well catered for with standard road bikes ranging from beginner to experienced models with all engine capacities provided, this Honda Hornet being a good example. In fact, there are some excellent lower engine capacity models available today with this Suzuki Streetbike being completely suitable for the commuter and beginner.

These examples are just a sample of what is available to the bike purchaser today. The best advice is to decide exactly what type of bike you want, and then search the major bike manufacturer websites so that you can examine their whole range. If you are choosing your first motorcycle then ‘Choosing Your Motorcycle Wisely’ may help.


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