Great Motorcycles For Beginner Riders

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So you want to be a motorcyclist? Fantastic, riding a motorbike can be great fun and a very economical way of getting around. There are many great motorcycles suitable for beginner riders so some research is appropriate so that you can find the best bike for your needs and physical capabilities.

The first thing you need to consider when deciding which should be your first motorcycle is your experience in riding a bike. There is little point choosing a very powerful machine if you have very little or no experience in riding. Besides which, in some Countries you will be limited in power output until you have passed various proficiency tests and have obtained your bike licence. Even if you have passed your test, a too powerful machine will be dangerous to the point of life threatening both to you and other road users. Agreed, a move up in power and size of bike is a realistic choice as long as the leap from current bike to new bike does not have too wide a gap.

The weight of a bike is something to be considered. Will you be able to move the bike around at slow speeds? If not, then again such a motorbike may be not the one for you. Other things to consider regarding weight are, will you be able to put the bike on it’s main stand if it has one? Will you be able to move the bike around when it is not running. Suppose you park the motorbike wheel in to the kerb, can you move it out again on your own? If the bike falls over, can you pick it up again? All things to be considered when making your choice of motorbike.

You should consider the height of the motorbike. Some bikes have quite a distance between the road and the seat. This means that you may have difficulty getting both feet on the road when the bike is at a standstill. If you cannot easily put your feet on the road this can be dangerous when at a halt in wet or slippery conditions and you risk the motorbike toppling over due to your poor stance.

Comfort is the next thing to look at when making your choice. Sports bikes are great, but put more of your body weight onto your wrists, elbows and shoulders. perhaps not the bike to choose if you intend doing some long trips or you have a physical weakness here. Some bikes have very thin seats, again sportsbikes are a good example of this, and you may find discomfort when riding for some time.

This next area of choice is more subjective, and you will need to be sitting on the motorbike you are considering buying. Take into consideration the points above but also look at how you actually fit on the bike. Check to see if you are comfortable when in a riding position. Is your back fairly straight with your hands on the handlebars? Too much leaning forward with a bent back will lead to discomfort and too much weight on the bars themselves will lead to a lack of control. With your feet on the pedals are you comfortable or is there too much strain on the knee? Can you operate the foot controls easily?

Now that you have looked at some of the more practical things to be considered in your choice of your beginner motorcycle, it is time to consider your new bike’s main purpose. Is comfort while commuting important to you? And you want to start with a fairly low powered machine that is great to ride but still gives great economy? Well the Honda CBF125 would be good choice for you. It gives you all you need with the addition of great style and Honda reliability.

It may be that you want to either combine on and off road riding or simply want to be that little bit different on the road, in which case Yamaha’s WR125R is probably just the bike you need. Again you get the reliability of a well known bike manufacturer but with a specific kind of style. This is however a practical machine and is capable of good performance on and off the road.

There is a whole range of bikes available in todays market directly aimed at the beginner rider. Simply by searching the websites of the main bike manufacturers will find you a plethora of metal to salivate over. However, once you have made your choice it is important that you gain correct training in riding your new bike or ownership may be shorter than expected.

Ride safely and enjoy the journey.


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