The Importance of a Bucket, Shovel, And Axe When Camping

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Amongst the things you take with you when you go camping, a bucket, a shovel and an axe will serve you well equipment wise and each can be used for more than one task therefore reducing the equipment you need to take with you. It is important that all are in a good and usable condition though, as once you are on your campsite a broken or damaged item may mean you are ill equipped.

Your bucket will of course be used to carry water in it from source to purification or boiling point if such water is for drinking purposes. However, filled with cold water from a stream the bucket can make a good drinks cooler after you put some cans of beer or soft drinks into it. Your bucket even has a purpose when upside down as it can make a handy seat.

With a length of rope tied to your bucket it can be a handy way of keeping foodstuffs off of the ground and away from scavengers. Simply throw the rope over a convenient branch, put your food into the bucket and hoist away. Tie off the rope and the bucket holding the food is well out of reach of anyone or anything that is likely to prey upon it.

Your shovel will of course be used for digging holes such as fire pits and latrines but did you know it can be used for cooking on as well? The shovel’s flat surface doubles very well as a fry pan, just the thing for those breakfast eggs and bacon. The edge of a shovel can be quite sharp and this can be enhanced by using a file or similar. This means the shovel doubles as a hand axe as well.

Your axe, nicely sharpened will serve you well when chopping wood and splitting kindling, but using the back end of the blade will give you a useful hammer for banging in those tent pegs too. With care the axe can also be used for carving and shaping wood as well as chopping and useful things like fire stands and screens can be made in this way.

It is important that your axe is sharp as it has greatly reduced function if it is not. Many find that they avoid the use of an axe in favour of a saw and often this is because their experience has been with a blunt axe. It takes little time to learn how to sharpen your axe and once you have learned this, you will find it an essential tool.

So as you can see these three items give you a multitude of use on a camp site and even when backpacking there are lightweight or collapsible versions of these that you can easy carry with you to make your camping experience a good one. If you miss one of these items out when packing, you are sure to need it once you get to your campsite.


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