What is The Meaning Behind Dreams? A Scientific Analysis Based on Dream Translation

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The meaning behind dreams was discovered by Carl Jung. I continued his research, proving that his theories were real discoveries, which resulted in discovering even more about dreams and the unconscious mind. I also simplified his method, transforming it into a simple translation from images into words.

Your dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind that works like a natural doctor. It protects your mental health from the attacks of the anti-conscience, your wild conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. The anti-conscience is your primitive personality, which is violent and absurd. If it will manage to invade your human conscience, it will destroy your capacity to think logically.

This means that your dreams have a very important protective function. You must learn the dream language in order to understand the precious unconscious messages contained in the confused dream images. They stop being disorganized once you learn their symbolic meaning.

Your translations must be based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, and not on your imagination. This is how you’ll transform your violent animal reactions into human reactions that are controlled by your human conscience. You will also pass through a spiritual transformation, learning how to be always peaceful and wise.

After mastering the dream language, you’ll understand that you are very far from sound mental health. You’ll also understand that you possess false goodness. This happens because even the human side of your conscience is absurd. You have to develop your intelligence so that you may become a true human being. Right now you are basically a primate that didn’t fully evolve. Your wickedness is the result of your ignorance, and of the influence of the anti-conscience.

You may believe that you are a good person and feel that this characterization doesn’t describe your personality. However, your false goodness is something that you ignore. You don’t know that your intentions are not based on real goodness because you cannot discern what is good and what is bad. You may believe you do, but this is a big illusion.

The meaning behind your dreams will take off your ego’s mask. You’ll then understand that you don’t care about justice, only about satisfying your ego’s desires. Right now this is a hidden truth, and at the same time, a known one.

There is a part of your conscience that understands that you are selfish, but you don’t pay attention to this fact. You believe that you must be selfish, even though this is something you hide from the world. You pretend to think about everyone’s well-being, while you are a hypocrite. However, you believe in your own lies, without admitting your hypocrisy. This happens because your human conscience is idiotic and under-developed. You must acquire complete consciousness in order to understand your mistakes.

The unconscious mind will help you understand your own absurdity and learn how to cultivate real goodness in your heart. Real goodness will give you balance, and help you completely eliminate the absurdity and the evilness of your animal nature.



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