Bahamas Hotels

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Bahamas is made up of beautiful islands that are home to gorgeous beaches and the most luxurious hotels. Your vacation will therefore take a different turn the moment you book a Bahamas hotel since you will get more than you bargained for. This is most welcome and you will have a wonderful time exploring the various islands that stand at 29. Another thing that will take your breath away in Bahamas is her islets that total to 2,387 as well as 661 cays. Some of the Bahamas hotels include the Radisson Cable Beach Golf Resort where you will part with anything from $195 for the treat of a lifetime.

This resort, just as its name says is a beach hotel in the heart of the all-glamorous Bahamas. She stands elegantly on a white beach with sand that begs to kiss your heels as you take that lazy afternoon walk on her shores. While here, you will indulge in a Jacuzzi bath and relax in its cascading waterfalls after a long day at the golf course. You will also have a chance to loose those extra pounds in her exotic fitness center or enjoy a mid morning tennis game in one of her beautifully manicured lawns. Just to ensure that you have access to your office amidst all this bliss, this resort comes complete with a Business Center that guarantees you high internet speeds for that urgent email.

Another of Bahamas hotels that will wow you with her magnificence is the St. Francis Resort that is located in the Stocking Island. This is a perfect resort for honeymooners due to its romantic settings and favors that make that vacation unforgettable. You will enjoy a feeling of home away from home as you indulge in their delicious cuisine and take walks on her private beach. You will get a wonderful view of the ocean and a harbor and the afternoon will be greatly spent with a luxurious boat ride. All these delicacies will be got from $235 and you will definitely get value for your money. The Bell Channel Inn is another of Bahamas Hotels that guarantees you a lovely stay as you enjoy the finer things in life.

It is located along Kings Road in the Grand Bahamas Island and is ideal for couple or family vacations. It is a five star hotel that gives you room service and you will enjoy a quiet and relaxed stay in this serene paradise. The Abaco Beach Resort is another resort among the Bahamas hotels that is located in the Marsh Harbor. It is accessible by plane and offers you the relation you are seeking during this vacation. It gives you a view of the sea and the breeze that greets your face in the morning is awesome. The sand at the beach is soft and those beach walks get a new definition here. Enjoy the spacious rooms as you watch satellite television for a few dollars per night. Your trip to the Bahamas will be something you will hold close to your memories, thanks to the Bahamas hotels. 


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