Do You Also Wonder If A Laptop Is Better Than A Desktop?

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Do you also wonder like many other people if a laptop is better than a desk top and should you buy a desktop which can’t be moved from the spot? It is a well known fact that a desktop computer is more dominant, flexible as well as cheaper compared to a laptop. It is true that you can’t carry it with you.

There are times when you could be sitting in a pub, garden or a chic coffee shop, drinking coffee while checking out your e-mail and chatting on a laptop.

Why does anybody need a laptop is a question and there are some basic reasons why you will want a laptop and some are mentioned here.

Laptop as your main computer- There is no reason for you to save money and buy a desktop when it is possible for you to buy a laptop? It is true that a desktop computer can’t act like a laptop, while a laptop can surely be used like a desktop. It is possible to get a large size keyboard as well as a monitor with the laptop. It is also possible to connect any amount of desktop computer peripherals like the scanner, printer, external hard drive etc to your laptop.  But the fact remains that you can at any time, disconnect the laptop and carry it wherever you go very unlike the desktop computer.

Laptop used as a space-saving computer system- Like in desktop computer you don’t have to  set a particular place for the laptop computer and you may not even require a computer desk. If you have a shortage of space in your flat, house, or collage hostel you can easily store the laptop in a drawer or shelf. When you want to use it you can place it on the coffee or kitchen table. There will be no clutter and mess of wires which is normally seen on a desktop computer station! 

Laptop used like a second computer- There is no reason to buy a second desktop computer when it is possible to buy a laptop and enjoy one more computer as well as the facility of having a computer system which is portable and can be shifted easily. It is also possible to connect both the computers which will help you share the net connection, files, data and printers. You also have the convenience of having a portable system.

Laptop as a touring computer- The best feature of the laptops is that they allow you to carry your work while travelling and is very useful for executives, salesman, and many other people. You can transfer your important files from the desktop computer and carry it anywhere you want and need. 


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