You Will Get Better Results With Strong Blades

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Many of us must have noticed that when improving or repairing  our home, we are not able to manage with anything less than a top quality blade and a utility knife for cutting. In fact a top quality utility blade is an important tool for managing home maintenance and repair projects. If you invest in a good knife and blade, it can make the difference between a professional and a botched job.

Some of the best opportunity and places to check the strength of the new utility blade and knife is the kitchen and bathroom repair. You can get rid of excess strip grout, caulk, strip electrical wire, cut drywall and repair wall holes.

It is quite a common job and repair project to insulate or re-insulate the home and you can benefit a lot by using strong utility blades. When you go shopping for utility blade and knife try to get one which has four notches and allows a greater blade extension in the knife which will make cutting into thick insulation faster and easier.

To give an example, the shatterproof Lenox® Gold #8482 has been constructed well and has   bi-metal utility blade and knife which allow for safer cutting and a long lasting sharpness. This blade’s bi-metal construction ensures a superior ability for cutting ability and it is a very functional tool which combines two different kinds of steel into one to benefit from the performance advantage of both the metals. They also are the first ones to come up with the Titanium Nitride or TiN coated edge, which increases the edge hardness twice and makes it one of the longest-lasting utility blades ever constructed.

It is not just the home but utility blades and knives can also be very useful for hobby and craft projects. They can be mainly used for mats for framing, cutting fabric, foam board, corrugated cardboard, upholstery, wires or paper and almost any other item required for you project. If you get a strong blade it will also remain sharper, which will make it easier for you to make exact cuts. This is in fact imperative for the success of a number of projects. You may not realize it but a sharp blade is a safer blade also. If the blade is sharp you will require less force to be able to cut through the object and you will be able to control the sharp and strong knife better. 


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