The Rope is a Cheap And Efficient Tool For Fitness

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It has been repeatedly emphasized that you need not have expensive equipment and you need not go to expensive gyms to keep fit. You may not have the inclination to go to a gym, and you also may not have the time for it. Some simple exercises have already been mentioned in my earlier blogs. Here are two more.

Rope climbing

A simple way of keeping fit, and to build your chest and arm muscles, is to try rope climbing. This requires some basic level of fitness. Tie a rope to one of the branches which is at a height of ten to fifteen feet from the ground. Never choose a branch which is too high from the ground, to avoid accidents. Use proper gloves to protect your palms. Start to climb up the rope using your hands alone. This is a tough workout because your entire body weight will be borne by the hands. You should be very careful on the return journey. You should try to climb down instead of sliding down. The latter may look easy, but you may hurt your palms.

Jumping a rope

A skipping rope or a jump rope can be used as a wonderful tool for aerobic exercise. The rope is swung and it passes under the feet and over the head in a circular motion. For allowing the rope to pass under the feet, the person has to jump so that both the feet are in the air when the rope passes and moves up. As an aerobic exercise, skipping the rope mode is better than running. This exercise carried out for ten minutes consumes the calories equivalent to that consumed while running about seven kilometers. Rope jumping has always been popular with the children. Many of the adults cannot even think about it as most of them are in poor shape. Jumping a rope is a good exercise for adults as well.

Jumping a rope is relatively safe compared to running. Running can damage the knees because only one foot is on the ground at a time. This means that the entire body weight on the knees. Also the feet land on the heels. While jumping the rope, both the feet land on the ground at the same time and land on the balls of the feet. Skipping the rope has many advantages. Hand-leg coordination increases. Muscular and cardiovascular endurance increases. Respiratory system becomes strong. Healthy bones are built. This exercise does not require equipment and can be carried out anywhere. For best effects, it is better to combine rope jumping, running and cycling.


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