'lean Green 'n' Mean'

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                                             ‘LEAN GREEN AND MEAN’

‘Far below hidden in a tangle of tree roots a pike hangs motionless in mid water.Almost invisible against dark shadows he is hungry.Tense as a coiled spring.

Shoals of small perch and ocassional roach foraging for a tasty morsel or two  often cruise nearbyand are easy prey.

From his ambush the pike has perfect sub-surface and forward vision.The slightest movement will not pass unnoticed.

A brief glint of light penetrates the murky water as a roach turns against the sunlight.Rolling from side to side the small fish twists and turns struggling to maintain his balance.Pausing momentarily to rest,head hanging low he drifts downward drawn towards a mass of heavy roots.

Into unforseen dangers………

Realising his predicadement he forces himselve upright once again.With no energy and fading fast,his progress is slow and hesitant.

The little roach is in serious trouble.

Masked by thick roots the pike eases forward for a bettter look….

Hungry eyes lock onto the little roach.With a powerful tail thrust the pike gives chase.His sleek form rushing upward towards his victim with an electrifying turn of speed.

Moments later strong tooth studded jaws snap open engulfing the small fish as the pike rolls onto the bait ! 

His back and tail break surface in a flurry of spray as he turns heading back to his lair.

The hook pulls securley into the corner of his mouth and the fight is on !

Motivated by a combination of greed and curiosity this pike was fooled into striking the lure.His killing instincts aroused by the mannerisms of the little bait fish as it passed overhead.

Lures are immitations not exact replicas of natural food sources.Leaving no scent trail to follow up.

Take a little time to watch fry in the shallows.Take note of how they react to light,shade and feeding patterns-try to create their movements.

Lures are versatile fished ‘on the top’ sub-surface or dredging the bottom layers.

Floating lures come in all colours,shapes and sizes.Dressed to immitate frogs,mice,water rats and fish fry.

Classed as ‘wake flies’ these lures sit proud of the water a bubble tail and wake  ripples the surface.Alerting predatory species before finding the bait silhouetted against the sky.

Surface lures such as these can be manipulated to mimmick swimming,injured,dead and dying fry.

Technique is simple,imaginative,easy to master deadly !

There are few hard and fast rules ….cast allowing a brief moment for the lure to settle.A splashy entry is acceptable.Retrieve line in long steady pulls,short sharp tugs or slow and easy.Add further life-like movement by raising and lowering the rod tip or sweep the rod from side to side.

Experiment !

The speed at which the lure is retrieved can be crucial.Too slow and the lure lacks any attractive movement hanging limp and lifeless.

Too fast and the lure will simply be ignored.

Most fish species are willing to chase a fast lure in warm water.Whereas cold water requires a slow deep retrieve when fish are likely to be lethargic.

Lures range in size from from 2’s -6/0’s with an overall dressed length of 3-7 inches and beyond !

Smaller lures are easier to cast .A lot of practice with a well tapered line is necessary to cast huge lures any distance and is generaly uncalled for.

Use colourful flashy lures on bright or sunny days to reflect available light which will attract and hold predators attentions.Dank overcast days demand dull high visibility lures that absorb light transforming them into easily seen silhouettes.

Sinking lures can be fished with floating,sink tip,slow and fast sinking lines and made to ‘swim’ by manipulating the rod in the same manner as fishing with floating lures.

Different depths can be explored with the sunk line by counting the line down n each consecutive cast.A count of 5-10-15-and so on until fish are found.

Flourescents are best fished in bright sunlight searching the deepest water.In dirty or peat stained water reds and poranges are highly visible.


Try using buoyant deer hair lures on a sunk lure over weed.Retrieve with long steady pulls and momentary pauses allow the lure to bob up towards the surface mommicking a dying fry.An excellent method for inducing hard takes ! 



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