'the Ultimate Deception'

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                                                   ‘THE ULTIMATE DECEPTION.’

At some time in their lives most fish species will be hunted preyed upon and eaten by other predatory fish.In nature’s bloody arena beneath the waves.A deadly game played by one and all in which only the the fittest and strongest survive.

Such is life within the food chain where the hunters often become the hunted.

‘Hidden deep in thick reeds,hungry glazed eyes lock onto a small baitfish cruising nearby.

All alone seperated from his shoal the small roach is easy prey.

Desperate to escape the attentions of his enemies he tries in vain to find the main shoal unaware that he is being watched.

Frustrated and tired he searches for a safe rerfuge,meaning to rest up for a while.Reeds are close at hand inviting him inbut without the security of his shoal danger lurks in every shadow.

Fatigue forces the small fish to ‘take a chance’ but time is running short…..

Bursting out of the reeds greedy mouth wide open a lone pike gives chase.In an instant the roach is overpowered taken hard and fast from below.The water boils erupting in a spectacular flurry of spray as the pike breaks surface.Throwing plumes of froth high into the air.

Jaws armed with needle sharp teeth show no mercy as the pike rolls onto and takes the bait.

Pulling the hook deep and true !

In the blink of an eye yards of line scream from the reel as the stricken pike bolts for cover !

The deceipt is complete and the fight is on ! ‘

Welcome to the exiting world of fly fishing for predatory species such as pike.

Fly fishing leaves no scent trail to follow up so all target species have to be cunningly lured to the fly.

To attract fish,lures must be mobile colour co-ordinated and fished in an eye catching manner.

A game of  ‘cat and mouse’ as the angler attempts to outwit his quarry with lures of fur and feather.Which must be presented with lots of movement to attract any nearby predators.Inducing a strike at the lure.

A combination of design and angler coming together as one.

‘Fly fishing often provokes a positive response over the same ground where conventional methods have failed simply because when fished correctly flies and lures assume a natural life-like action that metal lures and plugs cannot equal.’

At first glance it is difficult to imagine a lure of fur or feather bursting into ‘life’ yet this is precisely what they are designed to do.

Cast into the depths our lure transforms into a sleek streamlined fry.

Most lures have long flowing wings that shimmer enticingly on the retrieve simulating a swimming action.At the same instantthe throat hackles pulsate adding movement to to the head similar to the breathing mechanism of fish in their natural state.With bodies of sparkling yarns and tinsels ‘mini’ shafts of light penetrate deep through the water in the same manner as a small fish urning against natural sunlight.Flashing with every twist and turn.Some have red varnished heads or red target spots tied in at the thorax or chest for predators to home in on.

As with all disciplines of angling,presentation is the key to success.

A balanced outfit is vital.You will need a stout fly rod capable of casting a number 9 or 10 weight forward line.A wide arbour reel with backing line,heavy mono leaders,wire traces and a selection of ‘fly lures’.

Specialist fly  fishing lines are graded into ..floating,slow sink,fast sink,and neutral density.

Combine your chosen line or lines with a mono leader of 14lb or 18lb breaking strain and add a tippet of 17lb test fly wirewhich is thin enough to tie without the need for crimping.

Selecting the right lures can be a nightmare to the novice fly angler.Choose from those that resemble fish immitations such as roach or perch fry patterns.These are proven lures taking quality fish time after time.Don’t be tempted to fill your box with bright sparkling flies dark coloured flies have an important role to play too.

Bear in mind that when viewed from below high visibilitylures silhouette against the sky exagerating shape and movement.Shape alone is not sufficient to deceive and a life-like action must be relayed to the lure.

Fish with lures that are dressed with synthetic materials or natural deer hair they  do not absorb water and easier to cast.

Weight forward floating or slow sinking lines are ideal for the bank angler covering the margins and can be punched into an onshore wind with relative ease.

Fly lures can be cast into difficult lyes,inacessible to bait fishermen covering vast areas of marginal water,reed beds,shallows,submerged trees and underneath overhanging vegetation.

Fly fishingis exiting and not too difficult to master with a little patience and practice offering greatrewards to those who persevere .

Why not give ot a try ?.


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