'stealthy Approach Required !'

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Coarse anglers’ developed their own method of Dapping natural and arificial baits.

‘Bushing’ as it is known can be very rewarding for the angler who enjoys a challenge.

Chub like to lye up beneath overhanging vegetation,tree branches,root tangles and flood debris often tight into the bankside.Lyes that are inacessible to regular fishing methods.

Bluebottle flies,crane flies,caterpillars,slugs and beetles fished live are quality baits .Large dark coloured dapping flies worked on the current are second to none.

No specialised equipment is required.Standard coarse rods with fixed spool  or centrpin reels loaded with sturdy lines will do.Split shot will be needed to to nip onto the line about eighteen inches from the fly to help place it with accuracy.

‘Bushing’ requires a stealthy approach and steady hand.

Having spotted a quality fish the trick is to gently push the rod tip through the undergrowth without spooking the shoal.Then lower the fly gently onto the fish’s snout !

Live flies and insects are usualy taken within seconds.

Dapping flies worked on the current can be made to skate across the fish’s 

view or lifted on and off the water to portray their natural behaviour.

With little room to wield a rod and play a fish strong line is necessary to bully the fish into submission as it dives for the nearest cover,only fet away ! 

Be confident at all times playing and landing the catch before attempting ‘bushing’.

Fish welfare and ones’s own safety fishing in such places is paramount.



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