How Happy Are You Right Now?

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Most of us know what
make the other people in our lifes happy, But when we think about ourselves do
we really know what makes us happy.


Mine is my Dog Tommy an
oversized Boston terrier. Petting and hugging him always brings a smile to my


My intense mental
distress often takes a toll on me. 


Mostly I enjoy what Life
has to offer, but learning a new pattern in life, and changing the way I look
at things, may help.


People have told me to
let it all roll off my back, answering with walk a mile in my shoes. When you
do you can give me some answers.


One of my biggest
problems is taking stuff to seriously, sensitive feelings, broken hearts take
along time to mend. So in saying that, how do we not wear our heart on our
sleeve? How do we toughen up? Broken hearts, from deaths, of loved ones that
were there for you, watching my family melt away, Christmas, Holiday’s,
Cookouts, are all hard.


My thoughts are always
running like a recorder, flash backs in time, a smell, a object, anything can
set it off.  Shutting off the recorder is impossible, the flash backs of
being beat, kicked, but someone that loved you, the smell of beer is one of
those things, that the smell can just turn me around.  Letters in the mail
addresses to an ex that I haven’t lived with for over 11 years. 


When I was a child, my
Mother used to tell me, not to let things rent space in your brain, you need
the space for more important things.


Lately The Secret
Garden in my soul is trying to tend that garden with spiritual
reading, and useful things.  And weeding
may get rid of a lot of the pain, and unhappiness.


Out of the blue
something reminds you of one of those unhappy moments, some things so bad that you’re
dreaming about them, and wake up in a cold sweat, unable to return to a deep
and restful sleep.  Can you be Haunting
of your sub-conscious mind?


The pursuit of happiness
is a journey, being told that happiness can be learned.


Yes, I do believe I am
depressed, and take medicine for it, and knowing the difference, between
depression and happiness it is clear.  They have nothing to do with
each other.  Most are mistaken if they take anti-depressants, they will be
happy. This is not true..


So how happy are you
right now? Or do you even know?




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