Dws 2.5 Seo Project Management Suite Released

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DWS 2.5 SEO Project Management Suite Released

Introducing Domain Web Studio 2.5 from ThemeZoom team: Matt DeCruz, Sue Bell Russel Wright. The Themezoom team put an exclusive offer together for SEO guru, Jeffrey Smith who has been working closely with Matt DeCruz to make Domain Web Studio’s quantum jump from 2.5 to 3.0 the SEO

Check out Jeffery Smith’s blog online, just Google: SEO DESIGN SOLUTIONS DWS 2.5 UPDATE

Here’s an excerpt from SEO DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ latest blog post

“Shorten Your Time to Market

What this means to you is, once you gather your keyword ideas, their monthly search volume and competing pages (I suggest using The Last Keyword Tool for this) you simply import that data into DWS and let it apply over 3000 rules and permutations which factor:

Total Budget and Keyword Viability
Traffic / Conversion Rates & Percentages
Site Architecture, Supporting Articles & Competing Pages
The Aggregate Volume or Deep Links and Internal Links Required
If the Keyword is Profitable or Not, and –
How Long it Will Take to Get Ranked

There has NEVER been ANYTHING like this available to the public and it only gets better with each update. For example, in DWS 3.0, you will be able start with a keyword idea and transform it into a themed and siloed WordPress blog, with all navigation built including “proper” theming and siloing, categories, etc. in under 20 minutes including affiliate links and pages built in.

Take this as your opportunity to become familiar with how to manually perform many of the tasks that will be automated in DWS 3.0. While automation is great, you should still get in, get the training and empower yourself with the current version as 3.0 may not be released to the public.”

Jeff’s warming to SEO/SEM Experts and Affiliate Marketeers

“Warning: If you currently provide SEO or SEM services, use PPC or Affiliate Marketing for your website(s), consider yourself “put on notice” that the market-devouring collaboration between Theme Zoom and DomainWeb Studio’s DWS 3.0 is coming.

When it arrives, let’s just say the evolution of keyword research, push-button optimized site architecture and SEO as we know it (piloted by a new breed of savvy, educated and competitive online architects) will be entering a market near you!

Sign up today for DWS 2.5 to join 250 exclusive members who get to beta test the DWS 3.0 platform for 6 competition-crushing months. Make sure you secure your spot before they close the doors on this offer.”

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