Should Michael Jackson Be Americas Muhammad?

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Searching online, I am finding certain articles posing the question of whether Michael Jackson should be America’s equivalent of Muhammad.  Whilst I was not one of Michael Jackson’s most popular fans, I certainly did enjoy his music and certainly got the messages of equality, etc that he stated within the lyrics of his songs.  Yet I am somewhat perplexed to find blogs and articles written (by passionate fans I guess) stating that Michael Jackson should be taken as Americasequivalent of Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion.

To be honest, I am rather confused as to what these fans are saying is correct or just plain ignorant.  The reasons for why I believe what they are saying is bordering on ignorance is because lets not forget that Michael Jackson was just an entertainer, who chose to write and perform songs for the rest of us to enjoy.  While he also preached his messages in the lyrics of his songs, he nonetheless received large sums of money for what he did, it was his career.

Muhammad on the other hand was not an entertainer nor did he base any part of his career (if you can call his teachings his career) on entertaining people.  Instead, he started his teachings because he was discontented with the teachings within the city of Meccaat the time and so within few followers, left his home to meditate and reflect on the truth.  As you can see, to equate Michael Jackson on par with Muhammad can be seen as degrading to Muhammad, putting him on par with a musician.

On the other hand, I can also see the other side of the debate, in that although Michael Jackson was a musician, the fact of the matter is that the principles to which he is portraying in his songs are just as important as though anybody else were also teaching it.  For example, to say that racism is wrong is a truthful statement, no matter whether the messenger is a tramp on the street or the richest man on the planet.  The message itself is where the truth.  So the answer to the question of whether the message is just as important if Michael Jackson or Muhammad said it is that it is just as important.

Yet what I still can’t work out is whether it would be right to put Michael Jackson on par with Mohammad in the eyes of Americans due to the fact that whilst one is a prophet (or messiah depending on your religious stance) nearly everyone knows that Michael Jackson is no means a messiah.  Yet what he is stating in his songs is still just as true as the messages that Muhammad stated, i.e. equality and peace.

I would love to hear any feedback from you lot as to your perspective on whether Michael Jackson should be America’s equivalent of Muhammad? 


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